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  1. Tachytaenius

    Improving chest renaming

    Currently, the system is that if a chest's name is "Chest" then it will display no name, and will revert to "Chest" if you make the name empty. Downsides: - If you name a chest you have to backspace the word "Chest" first. - You cannot have a chest with the visible preview "Chest". Which you...
  2. Tachytaenius

    **REPORTED** Fishing line displayed wrong when rod used from a bed

    My assumption is that it's based on the rod's tip's current position if I were standing up.
  3. Tachytaenius

    PC State housing?

    Been playing for years, (though I only just started playing again) but I still haven't managed to shake off my tendency for generic architecture. I intend to put some candles on the tables if I can get my hands on some gold (platinum world), and bottles on the shelves etc etc. I'm also going to...
  4. Tachytaenius

    Pixel Art Rollennian Arts! (wolfboyft's art workshop)

    Welcome to wolfboyft's bare-bones art thread! Requests are allowed, give me as much detail as is needed and I'll see if I can get it done. It's free! Reference images are often useful. Also, remember that I have the right to deny or quit any request at any time. Possibly more stuff at my...
  5. Tachytaenius

    Better tree growth

    OK, so you know how trees grow up to their full height from an acorn instantly, then don't grow any further? Well, I propose that a tree will grow up, from an acorn at first, to two blocks, then three, then four... hitting the size of the tree with Terraria's current mechanics in the amount of...
  6. Tachytaenius

    Chance of getting blessed apples from a pearlwood tree

    If you could get the same chance of getting a blessed apple from an enemy of the hallow when chopping down a tree of the hallow... (dropped from the branches,) that'd be pretty damn sweet. It'd make sense too. Thanks for reading, and if you want to show support, do give a like.
  7. Tachytaenius

    Sprites Shotgun overhaul-- Double-Barrels, Shells and stuff!

    SHOTGUN OVERHAUL A new weapon, the "Super Shotgun." (Sprite inspired by Doom 2's super shotgun.) It's basically a higher-tier shotgun. Recipe is 1 × Illegal Gun Parts + 1 × Shotgun + 1 × Soul of Might. Upon firing, it will go from the image shown above, to the image directly below, quickly to...
  8. Tachytaenius

    Two Dye Slots—Effect & Colour | New Effect Dye: Rune Power Dye

    Two dye slots—effect & colour—would be nice. Say you had some void dye, liked the effect but not the black colour? Or just wanted another colour? How about we remove all colouring from dyes that change an effect, and have the player mix and match their vanity outfit's dye's colours and effects...
  9. Tachytaenius

    tAPI [Suggestion] Hellevator Mining Machine

    I am in a hurry, so I'll edit this later. A mechanical pre-hardmode... hellstone? Machine which will mine all blocks beneath it, two wide. Walls excluded. You will have a pickaxe slot and a few chain/rope slots. The chains/ropes will be consumed and lower the inserted pickaxe, mining away. It...
  10. Tachytaenius

    Non-collector's edition worlds & characters transferred to collector's edition?

    Hi! I plan on getting Terraria Collector's Edition soon. But... I can't help but wonder - is it possible to transfer my save files from my ordinary document area, generated by steam, to something that Collector's Edition can play? OR! Is this thread totally unneccessary and collector's...
  11. Tachytaenius

    WIP Horses - Customizable with wings, armour and even BIOME SEEDS!

    --THIS THREAD WILL BE REFURBISHED SOON!-- Disclaimer: I know suggestions don't get everything they say if they are implemented, but... remove ordinary unicorns. This would make the suggestion make so much more sense, and stuff. Think about it. We all love horses, so why not see them in...
  12. Tachytaenius

    wolfboyft's suggestions thread!

    Hi! This is going to be just your most basic suggestions hub. So.. Keep your pets, mounts and summons forever! Sentimental. Dimension - the unlockable world type option Epic. Skroth Basic. (HEAVILY WIP) The Crystal (Pure, Corrupted, Crimson and Hallowed) Favorable. End.
  13. Tachytaenius

    Keep your pets, mounts and summons forever!

    HI! Key: New feature. I have always had sentimentality to anything and everything, and it always disappoints me whenever I see non-permanent companions and stuff. So, this idea came to my head! INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Summon the pet/mount/summon. 2. Right click on it. 3. Click the 'keep'...
  14. Tachytaenius

    WIP Dimension - the unlockable world type option

    --LOGO COMING SOON-- Well! Hi. This is a suggestion of mine, about creating more worlds for one character - each one another dimension, and maybe even starting in hardmode if your player carries hardmode evidence, such as a cobalt helmet or an emblem. Anyway... when creating a new world after...
  15. Tachytaenius

    WIP (HEAVILY WIP) The Crystal (Pure, Corrupted, Crimson and Hallowed)

    --LOGO COMING SOON-- THIS SUGGESTION IS STILL MUCH IN ITS EARLY DAYS AND CRITICIZING IT TOO MUCH MAY BE UNHEALTHY. THANK YOU. Hi! Welcome to The Crystal! This is a beautiful underground cavern which will not spawn in ordinary worlds. Please refer to THIS thread (here) for more information...
  16. Tachytaenius

    Serious Copyright your stuff. Creative Commons liscence - this may as well be done here!

    I'll start... <a rel="license" href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/"><img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="https://i.creativecommons.org/l/by-sa/3.0/88x31.png" /></a><br />This work is licensed under a <a rel="license"...
  17. Tachytaenius

    Ad Astra

    Click here! That is the game, up there. Unfortunately, there is not much of an in-depth tutorial anywhere, so there's quite an initial hump to get over. Anyway, this is a fantastic free-roam space game. You can create custom spacecraft and see them come to life in the actual game (after...
  18. Tachytaenius


    They like to roost on the ceilings of deep-ish crimson caves, and then drop down, spinning like a drill bit, on their prey. They cause severe harm. About... 40 damage? They're an early enemy so... good if you ask me. Once they're on your head, spinning and spraying blood particles about, your...
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