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  1. Mr Ribbon Eel

    Buff cobalt mythril and adamantite armor

    I think the 1.1 ore armors should be given a set bonus to make them more useful and feel more like an alternative to palladium orichalcum and titanium rather than a chance to get a worse ore. Cobalt: A new set bonus where you sometimes regenerate a 1-2 hearts when you attack an enemy. honestly...
  2. Mr Ribbon Eel

    Ask a ribbon eel anything

    You can ask me anything except if its about my preference about my what favorite (thing here) is or if it is about my private information (obviously)
  3. Mr Ribbon Eel

    Drawings & Paintings Art that I made thats also related to terraria

    I have made more terraria art in the past but its kind of garbage Feel free to request something if you want to (I'm running out of ideas for things to draw)
  4. Mr Ribbon Eel

    Other Art Lego Terraria

    This is only a Lego Terraria house I made with Lego Digital Designer. ( All of the other sets will also be made with LDD since I dont have enough lego. :sigh:)
  5. Mr Ribbon Eel

    Giving all terraria bosses pokemon types

    Normal Bosses King Slime: Normal Eye of Cthulhu: Ghost Eater of Worlds: Dark/Ground Brian of Cthulhu: Ghost/Psychic Queen Bee: Bug/Flying Skeletron: Ghost/Dark Lepus: Normal Turkor: Normal Wall of Flesh: Dark Queen Slime: Fairy Queen Slime (2nd phase): Fairy/Flying Destroyer: Steel/Ground...
  6. Mr Ribbon Eel

    What terraria character would you keep as a pet

    My choice would be any type of slime.
  7. Mr Ribbon Eel

    All female armors have an exposed stomach

    So basically any female armor now has exposed stomach. I did this It is just because I can. This does not effect vanity. This should give a good idea of what it should look like ingame. I forgot to put the download.
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