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  1. Krypnoda

    Pixel Art My Game's Artwork

    So I am making a game, and have recently started using GIMP for some of the artwork as I feel I can do better than I can in paint.NET. I am rather new to this, so any considerate critique is appreciated, along with any help. We cannot offer pay if you want to join, but it is fun to make a game...
  2. Krypnoda

    The Spider Boss

    This would go with Stormconure's suggestions of improving the Spider Nest biome. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a spider boss. First i need to tell you the summoning technique. Crafting 5 Vials of Venom 5 Ectoplasm 20 Stingers 10 Spider Fangs =Poisoned Shackle=Azi Dahaka has been awoken Now...
  3. Krypnoda

    WIP Drakes

    I said i was going to make a pre-hardmode equivalent to my Dragon thread. Here is is-the drakes. Drakes have less health, are faster, less defense, no breath weapon, but have some interesting twist, and all have fighter AI: Woods Drake HP: 500 Defense: 10 Biome: Woods or as it is commonly...
  4. Krypnoda

    Krypnoda's suggestion list

    Why get Iron when you can get Cobalt? Mobile Upgraded Hamdrax The Problem With Souls The Stealthy Deer The New Mimic: The Gargoyle Centicore Dragon Terraria vs. Minecraft vs. Survivalcraft This will, of coarse, be updated.
  5. Krypnoda

    Why get Iron when you can get Cobalt?

    No, this is not a thread about being able to get cobalt in pre-hardmode. This is about pickup mechanics. I will make an example for you. Your inventory is full, and you are mining, you come across dirt, stone, iron, and cobalt. The way the game mechanics work now is it picks up the one closest...
  6. Krypnoda

    Mobile Upgraded Hamdrax

    I have noticed that though there is an upgrade to every hallowed weapon/armor, there is no hamdrax upgrade, so i introduce the Axdram Damage: 45 Speed: Very Fast 250% pickaxe power 160% axe power 100% hammer power Knockback: strong Velocity: fast Crafting 1 cobalt drill 1 mythril drill 1...
  7. Krypnoda

    The Problem With Souls

    I just noticed a problem with souls. See what i mean? Soul of Might Used to craft: Megashark Soul of Sight Used to craft: Rainbow Rod Soul of Fright Used to craft: Flamethrower Let me guess, you still cannot see the problem. Let me explain it to you. The weapons crafted don't make sense...
  8. Krypnoda

    The Stealthy Deer

    It seems like Terraria has no stealth enemies except mimics, if you can consider them stealthy. So i propose the Parandrus HP: 400 Damage: 20 Defense: 10 Speed: Fast Knockback Resistance: 10% Coin Drops: 1 Gold Item Drops: Invisibility cloak 1% Parandrus Banner 1% Now i know right now you are...
  9. Krypnoda

    The gods of Olympus

    After Plantera, new bosses would be available to change the world to what i will label: Olympus Bosses Items That is all for now, keep in tune for more gods.
  10. Krypnoda

    New Sky Enemies

    As many of you know, there is a giant hole in the Sky biome enemies. So I propose that some changed be done and new enemies added. Pegasus HP: 800 Damage: 23 Defense: 21 Knockback Resistance: 20% Coin Drops: 5 silver Items: Pegasus Wings 33.33% Souls of Flight 1-3 100% Wyvern* HP: 2,500...
  11. Krypnoda

    The New Mimic: The Gargoyle

    As of now mimics only, well mimic, chest. What if there was a new kind of mimic. The Gargoyle. HP: 700 Defense: 50 Damage: 45/10 Speed: Very fast Knockback resistance: 100% The gargoyle is a post-plantera enemy that has low health but very high damage, defense, and speed. They can shoot burning...
  12. Krypnoda

    Ocaen Mythological and Extinct Creatures

    The Ocean biome did not get many, if any, new enemies in hardmode. So I would like to add some more to the Ocean. Enemies Hippocampus HP: 500 Defense: 22 Speed: very fast Damage: 32 Coin Drops: 2 silver Item Drops: Hippocampus Saddle 100% Naiad HP: 200 Defense: 18 Speed: Insanely Fast...
  13. Krypnoda

    New accessory slots

    Even though we have the cobalt shield, shields really don't have a big part in Terraria. So i propose the Hand Armor Slot. This would store shields, gauntlets, and some new weapons. Pre-Hardmode Copper Shield Crafting: 20 Copper Bars Defense: 3 Bonus: none Iron Shield Crafting: 20 Iron...
  14. Krypnoda


    I have noticed that there are no non-slime land monsters in the corruption. I would like to fix this with the Centicore. Also known as the Yale, this creature is a lot like a unicorn except it has two horns that alternate back and forth. Its Stats would be as follows. For some reason the...
  15. Krypnoda


    I was thinking, that though the game has Wyverns, Dragon Skulls, and other dragony things, there are no actually fire-breathing dragons. and thus i would like to suggest elemental dragons. all of them would have these stats. I will work on new dragons, and the items that you can make...
  16. Krypnoda

    Terraria vs. Minecraft vs. Survivalcraft

    As many of you know Terraria is a block game. While there are many block games, the top three, at least on mobile, are MInecraft, Survivalcraft, and in 3rd place Terraria. I don't see how Terraria came in third place, but it did. What if it came in 1st? It would have to beat Survivalcraft in...
  17. Krypnoda

    Game I Am Trying To Make

    I am trying to make a video game and I am starting on the basics. I now have a forum out for it and would like some of you to join it. The website address is http://zelocgame.weebly.com/zeloc-city-forums.html#/
  18. Krypnoda

    Nuclear Wasteland

    Everyone wants Critters to strike back right? So a new biome. Name: Nuclear Wasteland Description: All plants are glowing. Craters litter the ground. Smog is in the background Enemies Minibosses Bosses Ores Uranium Found: 400 blocks under...
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