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  1. Leaper

    Minimalist Buff Icons

    version 1.1 Hey guys, I have been working on a texture pack recently that takes the buffs from potions and makes them cleaner and more minimalist. They are loosely based on the achievements from Terraria. This pack is work in progress, but eventually I will get every single buff and debuff in...
  2. Leaper

    **REPORTED** Torch god stops when almost all of the torches are unlit

    I have been trying to beat the Torch God event, and after I died a few times, I finally got pretty far. But the event just stopped, without giving me the Torch Favor. I tried doing it a few more times, and it always stops when there are only a few torches left. This is very frustrating. I do...
  3. Leaper

    Working as Designed No Entrance to Underground Desert?

    Hey guys, I have been playing my new Terraria 1.4 world, and after completely exploring the surface, I have failed to find an underground desert entrance. I have 2 deserts in my world and they both contain an oasis. I was wondering if it got buried during worldgen, or if it is possible the...
  4. Leaper

    PC [Help Wanted] Terraria Mods Wiki page maker needed

    Hello everyone, I am currently helping with a mod, and we would like to make Terraria Mods Wiki pages for it. Sadly the coder does not have time and I have no idea how to do it. If you are slightly experienced with making wiki pages and would like to help, i will provide ALL the info needed to...
  5. Leaper

    Sprites (sprites) My Take on New Celestial Weapons

    Hello there everybody. Welcome to another one of my threads. Many people have made new celestial tier weapon suggestions, and I decided to get in on that. Not one of my most original threads, but so be it. More Celestial Tier Weapons! A totally original idea by Face Monster. First of all...
  6. Leaper

    Mods with Quests

    I'v been thinking about doing a new mod playthrough soon, and decided I want the theme to be Quests. I have these so far. All Expedition stuff Pinkymod Redemption Grealm all the usual QOL mods What are some more good mods that are quest based/contain quests?
  7. Leaper

    Remove Particles option

    I have a low-end computer that i play Terraria on, and it gets rather laggy sometimes. The most lag I experience is when there are a lot of particles on-screen. I think a No Particles option would really help some players with lower end computers. For instance, projectiles would still be...
  8. Leaper

    Sprites Hardmode Blazing Wheel Enemies!

    Welcome, Terrarians (and other said creatures), to another one of my threads. The Blazing Wheel. The subject. This indestructible enemy is one of the least expanded on concept for an enemy, which sucks, because think they're really cool. I love the idea of an invincible trap-like enemy, like...
  9. Leaper

    The Guide in Hardmode

    Does the guide in Hardmode feel pointless to you? First of all, he shouldn't be there. He has been sacrificed, turning into the wall of flesh. Why does he respawn? He hardly provides any information in Hardmode, and none after the mechs. The only reason for him to be there is the recipe browser...
  10. Leaper

    Face Monster's Builds of Evil

    Not all of them are evil. Hey there guys, its Face Monter! i have been building a bit lately, and would like to show them to the community. These builds are in a modded world. More coming soon!
  11. Leaper

    The Viking Ship: Adding a little life to the Underground Snow!

    So, you may have read the Pyramid Rework that i made. This is an expansion on that idea. So, the underground snow is not that interesting, not enough to spend a lot of time there. It seems like it needs something. Also, some people consider that the snow biome is an alt for the desert, somewhat...
  12. Leaper

    Better Looking Hardmode Bats

    So. The hardmode bats. Look at em. They look kind of weird, don't they? it looks like someone took the smaller bats and expanded them, so they don,t have legs and their body is oddly round. Now have you seen the lava and ice bats? now those look like actual bats. So, i propose that the...
  13. Leaper

    Boss Death Effects

    This suggestion is based off the fact that, when you defeat the Wall of Flesh and release the SPIRITS OF LIGHT AND :red: ING DARK INTO THE WORLD, there is no effect to signify it. So, i propose that any boss that when defeated makes a change in the world, should have some effect other than a...
  14. Leaper

    Sprites The Pyramid Rework: A Miniboss, Enemies, and Egyptian Items!

    I hear a lot controversy about the Desert Pyramids. They are too rare, always have a Pharaoh's Clothes which are useless, and have too much space inside to be wasted are some of the common complaints. Well, with my biggest suggestion yet, i aim to solve those problems. The Pyramid Rework: A...
  15. Leaper

    How to make an image that is a link

    So i want to do a banner for one of my recent suggestions, but i do not know how to make an image forward you to a thread. Can someone help me?
  16. Leaper

    Crimson Soul of Night Variant

    So, as you know, the Soul of Night in Terraria is purple. This was a great color for the corruption soul before the 1.2 update. But, when the Crimson was introduced, it adopted the same purple Soul. I propose that in Crimson worlds the soul of night will be red instead of purple. I don't know...
  17. Leaper

    Sprites Expanding the Hallow

    :rslime: The Hallow :rslime: The Hallow is one of my all time favorite biomes. The unique aesthetic, the chaos enemies, and the beautiful underground. But sometimes it feels a little lackluster. For instance, on the surface there are only 3 enemies, and one only spawns at night...
  18. Leaper

    Pixel Art Face Monster's Sprites

    Ask for an item, enemy, or armor and I will sprite it. Not too large, and max of 3 per person. I am best at weapons, but I can do small bosses too.. Here is a compilation of a lot of my sprites. DO NOT TAKE THESE! These are not to be used or edited in any way without my permission. Here for...
  19. Leaper

    Ask a Face Monster Anything

    Ask something about me, the "face" of the Crimson!
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