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  1. Dreamtree

    PC Homage to Castle in the sky (movie)

    I've seen sky Islands and thought oh cool close enough... I recently became more inspired. Homage to the Robots of the sky kingdom Version one. A npc sort of like the robot we already have... meh... Version two. a summoning weapon that brings that fighting force to our side. Need I remind...
  2. Dreamtree

    PC Improving NPC+more of them.

    Improving NPC Give every NPC the ability to follow you. (Edit; I mean like you can ask them to follow you. example, bring the nurse with while exploring and she heals you.) Consider allowing them to improve defense and health. Like do a quest so that the guide has more HP. Make tools to...
  3. Dreamtree

    Lighting as "sky biome" hazard

    I saw the trailer and I get the feeling the sky will still be something to explore. I think that at a certain height players should be able to be struck by lighting. Perhaps something could be used so the lightning doesn't do any damage as to make sky exploration possible/easier at a certain...
  4. Dreamtree

    PC Wyvern boss

    http://prntscr.com/6406ml Wyvern boss. I want this boss to early-ish to mid hard mode... picture provided by seeker http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?members/seeker.15882/ Boss summon item: Special chest crafted by hand... 1 gold chest or maybe shadow chest (assuming we can craft them in 1.3...
  5. Dreamtree

    PC New Hallow summoning weapons

    I think the Hallow needs more love. We need cuter summoning weapons. Pixie Staff. 20 damage. Melee attack style summon. Can cause confusion debuff. How about 10 hallowed bars 10 souls of light 25 crystal shards 200 pixie dust Elemental Chaos Staff. 25 damage. Melee attack style. Can teleport...
  6. Dreamtree

    PC Bastion/transistor references needed

    I love both games and want some references to them in Terraria. I'm sure Supergiant Games would love it. A new npc, the kid. He would sell weapons or something. (I hope someone can suggest items) A summon item to use a windbag as a summon would be awesome! Transistor reference would be a...
  7. Dreamtree

    PC Shrubbery

    I love using wood but it can a little bothersome to farm. I would like something besides trees to drop wood. Something I don't have to plant... Glowing mushrooms are a great example of an easy to farm block. Plant glowing mushroom seed and the mushrooms grow on their own. I want a wood variation...
  8. Dreamtree

    PC New crafting stations+well+wheelbarrow.

    I enjoy creating houses and finf pleasure in using a variety of bricks/blocks to make housing. However I often find that there are a lot of cool blocks I can't create doors, chairs, ect. with. A few blocks I think are worthy of haveing an upgraded status in homemaking are dirt, stone...
  9. Dreamtree

    Mini flower biome

    I want to see a flower biome modeled after the gem biome we already have. It should be a little smaller than a spider biome. Maybe about the same size as a underground house? 1)Various types of flowers would grow in it. Roses, lilies and tulips ect. 2)It would be sort of a special garden...
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