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    PS4 WTB Nazar

    I have a nazar do you have a blizzard staff or a rod of discord?
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    PS4 WTB nazar

    I think I have that let me see yeah I have one psn is dgc2102
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    PS4 WTB nazar

    ah I don't have a bezoar but I can go farm for one or help you get one I got a bezoar really early on so I didn't have much trouble
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    PS4 WTB nazar

    i need a nazar so tell me what you want for one :)
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    PS4 WTT frost moon weapons

    hi so I need the chain gun blizzard staff and north pole I can give any pumpkin moon weapon other then the horsemans blade as I don't have it yet and I have a few razorpines X-mas tree swords and elf melters so hit me up on psn for tradeing and have a great day :) oh psn is dgc2102
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