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  1. CosmiKazie

    The Largest Parkour Map in Terraria (Project Begun on 6/24/2019) Dev Thread

    So, if you couldn't tell by the title... I'm going to try and set/break a record for the largest parkour map in Terraria. The map won't be large in levels (23, with 2 bonus levels, making it 25!) but it will be even larger in amount of jumps. Each level will take up approximately 1/25 of the...
  2. CosmiKazie

    WiFi Blocks (Wiring mechanic)

    Block: WiFi Block (comes in red, green, blue, yellow) Used for: Long distance wiring, when wiring far away would cost too much Method of obtaining: Bought from the Mechanic for 12 gold How it works: The WiFi Block provides a wireless signal for up to 750 ft. You can switch between various...
  3. CosmiKazie

    I just crashed Terraria by opening a door

    No, this isn't a bug report, I just wanted to say that i literally just crashed Terraria by opening a door onto a mushroom and I'm literally dying :D
  4. CosmiKazie

    Sprites Pickarang

    The Pickarang Rarity: Rainbow (Expert mode endgame item) 20% Drop from Moon Lord 34 ranged dmg Insane Knockback Fast Speed 230% Pickaxe Power Range is 20 Tiles When thrown, mines a player-sized shaft in front of the player so they can quickly and efficiently mine. Sells for 1 Plat 30 Gold 25 Silv
  5. CosmiKazie

    Item renaming

    If you’ve ever wanted to name your Ebonwood Sword something much cooler, you’ll definitely like this idea. This new mechanic would be obtainable via the Goblin Tinkerer, since he’s able to reforge items, why not? You would pay a fee from 1g to 3g to Rename the item something you want, with a...
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