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  1. rtpkd1

    Resolved Game is Literally Unplayable at the Moment

    I recently saw a problem like this, so I don't think it's exactly 1.4.1 fault.
  2. rtpkd1

    Golf and Teleportation

    Lol, it sounds impressive, but since I haven't reached required game point yet, I unable check it out right now. Hopefully, someone will answer you before me.
  3. rtpkd1

    Worst Weapon or item

    As one guy said - any of swords. I don't know why they should be useful anywhere, while yo-yo exists!
  4. rtpkd1

    What is your FAVORITE Terraria Weapon?

    Every weapon that drops from Duke Fishron, Sanguine Staff, Desert Spirit Lamp.
  5. rtpkd1


    I started playing on Mediumcore character about a week ago, and in this time I got the first invasion... Everything I can say - if you drop your items in the Underground/Dungeon/Underworld - it's not a big problem to get your items back, but when it comes to invasions, uh.. If you die once, and...
  6. rtpkd1

    Does Master Mode provide higher coin/money drops?

    If Expert-Mode provides higher money drop compared to the Normal-Mode, then Master-Mode takes every cent (my guess).
  7. rtpkd1

    tModLoader Official tModLoader Help Thread

    Soo, even if I do something that I can name "a mod", I won't be able to run it in the current Terraria version?
  8. rtpkd1

    Mobile When will 1.4 come to mobile

    Quarter-4, if to be more precise - October 2020.
  9. rtpkd1

    Terraria State of the Game - September 2020

    *Waiting for new mechanics*
  10. rtpkd1

    Ambient Objects and Ecto Mist

    As 99,9% of comments above says - yes! What a great idea! No clue why this suggestion is still so unpopular...
  11. rtpkd1

    empress of light

    I'm guessing a Licewing spawned right in the Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly (it's possible) when you killed it.
  12. rtpkd1

    Master Mode King Slime rework

    Well, maybe devs will notice your suggestion, although it doesn't mean that they'll add this.
  13. rtpkd1

    Master Mode King Slime rework

    Then, it will be harder than defeating Eye of Cthulhu.
  14. rtpkd1

    Make sure things like this don't happen in prehm.

    It also happened in my world! I find this as an interesting and challenging trap for myself. Interesting (until devs fixed this) because of the farming capabilities. Challenging because of... Escaping from Unicorns in the Underground Cave with no items or weapons!
  15. rtpkd1

    The Last Post Wins!

    Write your reply...
  16. rtpkd1

    solar pillar needs a nerf

    I'd say that the Nebula Pillar is equal to the Solar Pillar, because of Nebula Floaters that teleports every ~500ms. The overall difference is that you can't just escape without teleporting to the home, but when you rush the Solar Pillar you always have a chance to run away and save yourself...
  17. rtpkd1

    Biome Suggestion - Deep Ocean!

    Yeah, they added a new generation of the Ocean, but there're no other enemies/creatures, and indeed nothing to do.
  18. rtpkd1

    **REPORTED** Plantera seems to despawn in the Jungle Temple

    What if it just counts as a different biome? Btw, if the bulb was whithin your sight - this explains everything.
  19. rtpkd1

    **REPORTED** Garden gnome visual bug

    I definitely like 4th form of the Gnome, can't wait for your resprite..
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