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  1. OptiPri

    Make a rap, line per line

    Basically, the title says it. We're going to try to make a full rap by only posting one line at a time. Simple enough I think. Please only post one line at a time, and no offensive lines are allowed. Also, lines about religion and politics are heavily frowned upon. -=+=- Anyways, start! This...
  2. OptiPri

    Mobile Duke Fishron Strategy

    So far, the Duke Fishron is one of, if not the hardest boss in mobile. He also drops some good loot, such as the Flarion, the Tsunami and the Fishron wings. Therefore, many people want to defeat him but can't due to his speed and damage. I found a strategy that works well against him, but...
  3. OptiPri

    Movie Favourite Movies?

    The title is self explanatory. What are some of your favourite movies? Post 'em here! For starters, my favourite movie is Guardians of the Galaxy 2 OR Logan, depending on the mood I'm in.
  4. OptiPri

    Drawings & Paintings Drawings and stuffssssssssss

    Apparently I'm drawing stuff now. Oh well. Mainly, there will be Pokémon stuff posted here, like basic drawings, fusions and things like that. Yeah. My Imgur, cause I have one now: https://m.imgur.com/account/OptiPri/images
  5. OptiPri

    Written Media Homestuck and Everything in Between

    For all you Homestuckians, you Knights and Mages, this is the place for you. Discuss whatever whenever, as long as it's Homestuck related! Wanna discuss ships? Here's your place! How about your latest OOC? Go right on ahead? SBURBSim game you want to share? Fill yer boots!
  6. OptiPri

    Who has the coolest wallpaper?

    Hey you! Yes you! You with the funky fedora! Come over here and play the game. Whatever you have as your current wallpaper be it phone or computer and you think is the coolest, post it here!
  7. OptiPri

    Cross-Platform Sunset (wait for it) Overdrive

    Hello! So I've been addicted to this little game called Sunset Overdrive and would gladly call it my favourite game. But besides my own stuff, I haven't really found anything about the game (at least that is currently active). So here I am to start it! Come talk about the game here! I want to...
  8. OptiPri

    Say the first flavor of chips that come to mind!

    Self explanatory, begin! All Dressed.
  9. OptiPri

    Story Stories from the Insane Depths

    Hey y'all. It's me again. Many of you don't know me, but some do. Most have probably seen my failed threads. Well... here's another! Although I don't plan on letting this one fail. So... the "Insane Depths" would be my mind, sorry if the title is a bit misleading. I love writing, even if I'm...
  10. OptiPri

    Story RP Character Story Compilation

    Hello peeps! For those of you who know me, I'm a diehard roleplayer. And I like writing stories about my characters. HOLDUP NO DON'T LEAVE. These aren't fanfics. Well, not all of them. These will be stories about their past for those who have seen any of them before. And for those of you who...
  11. OptiPri

    Mobile Bait Glitch

    I honestly don't know if this is a high priority or not,but I found an exploit in bait by doing a glitch.If you have some bait,like some master bait,and another random item,like 347 dirt,you can glitch it to turn the 347 temporarily into bait to use.What you would do is once you have the bait in...
  12. OptiPri

    Story A Terraria Story

    Hello Terrarians!I love to write and have been writing for quite some time now.Weither I'm good at it is subjective.I just recently found the forums and Have decided to attempt to write a multi-chapter story that will be written over time and will include suggestions.I'll start soon so hopefully...
  13. OptiPri

    Mobile Facing The Dungeon Guardian

    So you've defeated most of the bosses and are looking for a challenge.How about the Dungeon Guardian?Well as all good Terrarians know you need a plan and the proper gear.From what I found when I killed him,the best armour is the Turtle set.I don't remember which,but whichever gives the damage to...
  14. OptiPri

    Mobile Ideas

    Hello my friends!I have been playing on mobile for a bit and have had a fruitless search on the Internet for ideas.So I am looking for things to build(ideas),base ideas,And anything in between.So lay whatever you fine folks have on me.!
  15. OptiPri

    Mobile Yo!

    Hello there!I am a dedicated Terrarian who has been playing for a few years now but just discovered this forum.I mainly play mobile but also play console.I will soon be getting the PC Edition and am very excited.I (personally) believe I am a decent builder and love to just farm Duke Fishrons...
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