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  1. Delta Bec Noir

    tModLoader Annihilation Mod (W.I.P) [Recruiting Devs]

    The Annihilation Mod A highly w.i.p mod i have been working on for a while, and made posts for this before, with slightly more progress this time, coding has been a thing that has been highly requested for the longest time, and still is due to the 2 coders of my mod doing nothing for the mod...
  2. Delta Bec Noir

    The Annihilation Mod [W.i.p] {Help wanted}

    The Annihilation Mod The annihilation mod adds Many bosses A New difficulty A New class 4 New biomes MANY items A new game mechanic Many enemies And 10 new town npc's ______________________________ I cant make this mod on my own, help me on my journey to create this w.i.p mod and create a new...
  3. Delta Bec Noir

    tModLoader The Annihilation Mod (W.I.P) Requesting Help

    So i have been working on my mod quite a bit more and gotten a few dev's for my mod. however we have no coding progress and we need more spriters and coders, This being one of the bosses that i have previously shown, has now gotten a resprite and now i have a few more boss sprites, the boss...
  4. Delta Bec Noir

    tModLoader Annihilation Mod W.I.P [Requesting Help]

    I Am Making A Mod Called The Annihilation Mod And It Is EXTREMELY W.I.P And I Need Spriters Music Makers Coders And Artists To Help Me Make This Mod I Have A Discord Server If You Want To Help Make It Or Follow It. I Am On Every Day Join the The Annihilation Mod Discord Server! Here Is...
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