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  1. Mysulfi

    PC All (or most) of 1.4 items don't have an increased drop rate in expert mode

    i feel like this shouldn't be the case, especially for weapon drops that are almost necessary for one class-only play-throughs like the sanguine staff and the blade staff
  2. Mysulfi

    PC Camera Mode breaking the background

    So a meteorite landed on a living tree (which might even be a bug by itself), and i thought it was pretty funny so i took a screenshot with camera mode's map, and the background messes up at the bottom of the picture. Might be a problem with big screenshots (also if you look at the bottom right...
  3. Mysulfi

    **REPORTED** potential missing pixel in the zoologist emote's 2nd frame

    All NPC emotes' second frame just makes them a bit shiny (with the exception of the tavernkeep), except for /zoologist which the second frame has a missing pixel in the outline of the bottom of her face
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