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  1. OnyxShadow

    Rating the end-game specializations

    Ranked from weakest to strongest... Summoner Damage - 4/5 Survivability - 2/5 Fun - 3/5 Surprisingly good damage with full summoner gear and accessories especially if you use a high damage melee or ranged weapon. However, the armor is shockingly low, and it doesn't have magic's regen buff...
  2. OnyxShadow

    How do I pass the time between fishing quests?

    I made a mistake. I waited until I was done with just about everything else in my world to start fishing quests. So now its become very tiresome waiting out the time between daily fishing quests so that I can finally get my hands on the components to the cell phone. Why exactly do we have...
  3. OnyxShadow

    Is Solar Flare armor actually an upgrade?

    Solar Flare has 5 more defense and a fairly nice speed boost/damage shield. However, the stacking damage reduction seems to be significantly weaker than Beetle. A 45% damage reduction on 73 defense (or about 105 with full gear) is significantly stronger than 30% on 78 from a math perspective. Am...
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