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    PS4 Pets/any banners

    Hey guys looking for pets. Preferably cabbage,sapling,snowman,penguin,Grinch,bone key, turtle, and Dino. Will pay platinum, or we could set up an agreement. Psn: XELECTRIK_FIRExX

    Console Favorite weapon?

    Ive been wondering what weapon do most people prefer to use? ( Un-modded weapons please)

    PS4 Any dyes up for trade ps4

    Hello fellow terrarians I'm trading dyes for ps4. Based on rarity on the dyes just throw out suggestions for a trade. I pretty much have a bunch of all the dyes so add me on ps4 : XELECTRIK_FIRExX:)

    Ps4 bloodroot

    Hi I'm kinda stuck on finding bloodroot and could use any help I can get. I need just one and in return I can give platinum, any pumpkin moon item and if ur looking for items to trade I will! Much thanks Psn:my username :brain:
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