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  1. RoboTheMan

    Anaglyph 3D / 3DS Stereoscopic 3D

    So I was looking at my New 3DS XL and my anaglyph glasses today, and then I started playing Terraria for PC. As I played, it suddenly hit me. The combination of remembering those three things had given me quite an idea, one I hoped would get enough likes to reach the eyes of Re-Logic. Why don't...
  2. RoboTheMan

    WIP Purification Tower

    Now, we've all seen the Otherworld trailers with their purification towers, right? Well, I thought I'd suggest this: Purification Tower Stacks up to 5 Tooltip: Put Luminite in it to power it Destroys the evil It is purchased from the dryad :dryadwink: for 5 gold coins post-Moon Lord. The more...
  3. RoboTheMan

    Mobile The Pilgrim

    So we all know about Turkor the Ungrateful, that fun-loving, multi-headed turkey that likes to eat those that want to eat him. I just randomly thought of a good idea. What if, after defeating Turkor, a seasonal NPC called the Pilgrim appeared until December? I'm not sure what he would trade, but...
  4. RoboTheMan

    PC "Otherworld" appearance texture pack

    I would really like to see a texture pack that makes the game look like the upcoming "Terraria: Otherworld." Now I know there have only been trailers of it, but I'm sure some people have a grasp of what it looks like. This would be amazing, and if there is one, I am hugely appreciative of them...
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