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  1. Sin Costan

    tModLoader [Tutorial] Custom Invasion

    Introduction: Hello TCF community, and by a certain amount of curiosity, I decided to figure out how to make a custom invasion, though I am currently working on some of the kinks in a custom invasion event. So I decided to do the tutorial as part of the thread instead, so you don’t need to go...
  2. Sin Costan

    tModLoader Mod Merging

    Hi, I'm an old modder, looking for someone to take in my old mod into theirs. It's Sin Costan's Collection of Fun Projectiles: Once Again and I was hoping someone that is still modding can use the assets of this mod to include with theirs so that it will, hopefully, still be used. It may not be...
  3. Sin Costan

    tModLoader [Tutorial] Projectile Guide and Implementation: tModLoader Edition

    [Tutorial] Projectile Guide and Implementation tModLoader Edition by: Sin Costan Introduction: Hello TCF community, by a request, I have imported the original tAPI guide to tModLoader, with a few changes of course. This page looks pretty empty boss, where's the tutorial? By the power of...
  4. Sin Costan

    tModLoader Sin Costan's Collection of Fun Projectiles: Once Again

    Sin Costan's Collection of Fun Projectiles: Once Again tModLoader Edition The Will Format Better Later Edition Also Introduction: Hello, for all you who don't know me, I consider myself a projectile specialist, one who deals with projectile coding. For those who find me familiar, I have made...
  5. Sin Costan

    tAPI Guidepocalypse

    Guidepocalypse: Alpha 2.0 "It's a good day to Guide!" - Guide Commander Omar Anoke Presented to you by: Sin Costan You may be wondering many things after reading the title, but please look through it further with this nice introduction (that's absolutely terribly written...)! Ok... now that...
  6. Sin Costan

    tAPI Hellevator Maker Bomb

    Hellevator Maker Bomb By: Sin Costan Introduction: Have you ever wanted to make a Hellevator but you don't want to spend too much time into making them? Well don't I have the solution for you! The Hellevator Maker Bomb! What This Mod Does: This mod allows you to make two types of...
  7. Sin Costan

    tAPI [Tutorial] Projectile Guide and Implementation

    Tutorial: Basic Projectile Guide and Implementation Brought to you Sin Costan - Please excuse my bad Comp Sci-ing and Thread Making Skills Other Guides/Tutorials & Great Resources: - Getting Started on Modding - Berberborscing - [Tutorial] Custom Dust - BlueMagic123 - [Tutorial] Custom Boss -...
  8. Sin Costan

    tAPI I Need A Spriter

    Hello Readers of this Thread, Might I Inquire your assistance in making pixelated artwork unto my external modification for this video game, Terraria? - Sin Costan
  9. Sin Costan

    tAPI Sin Costan's Collection of Fun Projectiles

    The Collection of Fun Projectiles (A Work in Progress) Brought to you by: Sin Costan - Coder Nagapon - Spriter Hello, and Welcome to This (Not So Pretty) Forum Thread for my First Mod! Features: - New and Bright Ideas for using Projectiles that can be Completely Useless to OP - Stuff I...
  10. Sin Costan

    tAPI Projectile AI Styles

    Here are the list of AI styles. Although you can find them here too.
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