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  1. TheGreatB3

    The Mudslinger

    Have you ever wished that there was a quicker way to lay the foundation for Jungle and Mushroom biomes? Do you wish there were more things like the Sandgun? Then look no further than the Mudslinger! This weapon rapid-fires mud blocks that stick to whatever block they hit. The projectiles...
  2. TheGreatB3

    Unseen evil? Rag-tag band of survivors? Discuss!

    So it was mentioned that there is an "unseen evil." What could this mean? Is it the source of the Corruption? The Corruption itself? Some sort of final boss? What could it be? Also, what could it mean by "rag-tag band of survivors?" Is it just referring to multiplayer, or could it mean...
  3. TheGreatB3

    Feeding Frenzy

    Idea: Piranhas and Sharks are mostly docile when you're at full health, but when you take damage, their spawn rate, movement speed, and damage increase. This mirrors how sharks and piranhas are known for their feeding frenzies when they sense blood in the water. Other enemies, like Jellyfish...
  4. TheGreatB3

    New Tool: Vacuum!

    So there I was, cleaning up my world after messing around with my Sandgun, when I realized: What if there was a tool that made collecting sand easier? This tool would break blocks affected by gravity and pull it to the user to be collected. It would also be able to affect exposed mud without...
  5. TheGreatB3

    Favorite Terraria Music

    What's your favorite and least favorite music in Terraria? I would have to say that my favorite is the PC Ocean theme. It was the first theme in the 1.2 Trailer, but since I didn't have Terraria yet, I had no idea what it was, and I thought it might just be a theme composed specifically for...
  6. TheGreatB3

    Minor Light Disc Change

    I think that the Light Disc should give off more light, at least as much as a glowstick. As it is now, the Light Disc gives off some light, but not nearly enough to earn its name. This has been irritating me, and I would like to know your opinions.
  7. TheGreatB3

    New Accessory: Levitator

    Introducing the Levitator! This accessory would allow solid blocks to be placed in midair! Perfect for just about any building project! Now you might be thinking, Why not just use an Ice Rod and add blocks to the ice block? Or build a pillar of blocks from the surface? Or even find a...
  8. TheGreatB3

    Biome Chest Weapon Upgrades

    Here's my idea: There should be craftable upgrades to the weapons found in the biome chests in dungeons. For example, the projectiles of the Scourge of the Corruptor would be able to pass through walls, the Vampire Knives would home in on enemies, and the Rainbow Gun would become the Double...
  9. TheGreatB3


    I have an iPod 4th generation, and whenever I try to exit to the main menu, my game consistently crashes. It also crashes after a certain amount of time in sleep mode. This was happening before the Hardmode update. Fortunately, the game and world loading times were vastly shortened with the...
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