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  1. TheGreatB3

    just chillin

    just chillin
  2. TheGreatB3

    Broken Hero Swords are no longer rare trash

    I was talking about linking to the Baconfry's, crackshotCerberus', etc. relevant posts in the op. It just doesn't make much sense to link to the members and not to their relevant posts. But thank you.
  3. TheGreatB3

    Broken Hero Swords are no longer rare trash

    Directed at 652Graystripe.
  4. TheGreatB3

    Broken Hero Swords are no longer rare trash

    Add some links to some of the things you're referring to. Other than that, looks pretty good.
  5. TheGreatB3

    Not that I'm jealous; I'm just impressed.

    Not that I'm jealous; I'm just impressed.
  6. TheGreatB3

    1000 messages in ONE MONTH

    1000 messages in ONE MONTH
  7. TheGreatB3

    College classes start tomorrow!

    College classes start tomorrow!
  8. TheGreatB3

    Best of luck.

    Best of luck.
  9. TheGreatB3

    Fertilising Spray

    Would the grass type be biome specific, or just generic green grass everywhere?
  10. TheGreatB3

    Crushing Judicature, a hardmode warhammer

    "Crushing Judicature" is quite a mouth full, and it doesn't really fit given that a judicature is "a forum for fact and opinion relating to all aspects of the administration of justice and its improvement," according to the American Judicature Society. Pick a more concise and descriptive name...
  11. TheGreatB3

    Official A Short Time From Now...in a Minecart Not Too Far Away...

    Well it's about time. I had a suggestion for better backgrounds a while back, but I never posted it. Glad I didn't need to!
  12. TheGreatB3

    Helicopter Staff

    I think Drone Staff is a perfect name. Plus, since you said it's an upgraded version of the Hornet Staff, it fits in with that as well.
  13. TheGreatB3

    Important TCF Updates & Upgrades: April 2015

    I completely understand and agree with these changes. I was wondering, though, if it might be better for posters to set a minimum length limit for their thread when they start it. This would leave forum games as they were, and for the suggestion forums it could help bring out some more content...
  14. TheGreatB3

    A Few Craftable Accessories

    I've been needing something new to spend my ores on. My chests are overflowing with bars, and mechanical boss summoning items just can't keep up.
  15. TheGreatB3

    A Few Craftable Accessories

    Found this on the last page and figured it deserved more views. Maybe the scanner could cause enemies' health bars to not be affected by lighting, so they would be visible in any brightness. Or it could highlight enemies on the minimap, in which case it would go well with things like the GPS...
  16. TheGreatB3

    Useful Frost Legion Drops - Hardmode Holiday weapons

    I never liked the frost legion. The enemy designs weren't really creative, and the whole thing was pretty annoying, never really living up to its awesome name. This pretty much fixes that. One small gripe: the exploding snowball looks more like an exploding ice shuriken than any sort of...
  17. TheGreatB3

    Wasp's Sting (beekeeper upgrade)

    I think you should have both available. The Hornet's Sting could be an upgrade to the Wasp Sting, and use the Wasp Sting in place of the Beekeeper in the crafting recipe.
  18. TheGreatB3

    Wasp's Sting (beekeeper upgrade)

    In that case, "Hornet Sting" would fit even better.
  19. TheGreatB3

    Wasp's Sting (beekeeper upgrade)

    Then I've got nothing. Do what you want.
  20. TheGreatB3

    Wasp's Sting (beekeeper upgrade)

    Is it because it sounds a bit like "horny?" There are other names I can think of, like "Yellowjacket Sting" and "Mud Dauber Sting," but those are obviously less cool.
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