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  1. Peach Head

    experienced modded playthru

    hallo. :dryadwink: please be of mature age and hav at least 400~ hours you can add me on discordd and or respond here fish#2080 :>
  2. Peach Head

    PC revengeance mode playthrough

    uhh please don't add me if you're like 12 k thx cool gamers only :cool: fish#2080 something like 30 mods?
  3. Peach Head

    PC broken wiring?

    i am using no mods that alter wiring just btw i can't get my teleporters to work and i really can't figure out why. i'm probably stupid :p ignore all of the wiring aside from the right side teleporter stuffs
  4. Peach Head

    Mod Request?

    If you don't know who Jerma985 is you should go look him up on YouTube. I dunno if anyone would be willing to make a mod where his laugh would be turned into the male/female hit sounds in the game, but if anyone's up for it I'm here. >:3
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