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  1. Perume

    Which species is Plantera?

    Obviously, there isn't any real-life plant species capable of slinging itself through a jungle in order to destroy some (maybe not so) innocent people. However, has anyone ever wondered if Plantera resembles any real-life species of plants? I mean, any real flower?
  2. Perume

    Individual achievements for each character

    Basically, giving each character an individual achievement list. That way, you can check what have you done with each character. The "general" achievement list would stay the same, and any achievement earned with any character for the first time will appear in both that character's list and the...
  3. Perume

    PC Adding more crafting with Strange Dyes! (And solving part of their RNG)

    1.3 vastly improved the dyeing system. Now, there are a lot of "strange" dyes which can be adquired from the Dye Trader, solving his unusefulness throughout the game. However, another problem was created: The RNG that came with it. Though most of these dyes aren't used for any crafting, two of...
  4. Perume

    WIP Chlorophyte Bricks

    We can make bricks out of most hard-mode ores. However, there isn't any block or brick crafted with Chlorophyte ore, aside from the bars. Introducing the Chlorophyte Bricks: (Thanks Artigit) Those would be crafted with 1 stone block and 1 Chlorophyte ore, as any other brick. The tooltip would...
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