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  1. Party Girl Sparkle

    Measuring canon end-game power

    Hello. I am going to attempt to measure the power of an end-game Terraria character only using what is actually canon inside the game and without considering game mechanics like "He can hold 10,000 bars of gold" Ok so what is the scale of the world? Well each block is 2 feet, according to the...
  2. Party Girl Sparkle

    Attempting a fishing only character.

    There are so many amazing new fish that I have decided it would be fun to start a fishing only character. I named the character 'Fish Paste' and generated a new, small world. The rules are pretty simple. Basically I cannot advance my character's gear except by fishing. 1. I cannot mine ore, I...
  3. Party Girl Sparkle

    Terraria themed QR codes!

    So I looked up and down for Terraria themed Animal Crossing QR code with no luck, so we shall use this topic to gather them! New leaf? Tamagotchi life? Some other game that uses QR codes? Share the codes here! Now this isn't fantastic but to get things started here is a poorly framed guide...
  4. Party Girl Sparkle

    Why is Terraria so low on Twitch?

    I mean come on! Its sold 9 million copies, It should be up in rows 5-7 Not way down in rows 15-21!
  5. Party Girl Sparkle

    Tour of Trixie's main world's town.

    Video is unlisted. Only chose video because it would have been so many screenshots.
  6. Party Girl Sparkle

    Eskimo armor set bonus

    Eskimo armor is a fun little treat from Eskimo zombie! I'm sure we've all gotten it. A total defense of 4 and even comes in a fashionable, alternative pink. Now its low defence makes sense as it is merely padded cloth, but does anyone else find it odd that the armor offers no protection...
  7. Party Girl Sparkle

    Favorite Title messages?

    So whats your favorite or funniest Title messages? I find 'Terraria: Now with SOUND' amusing :D Thats my favorite. A full list can be seen here http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Title_messages
  8. Party Girl Sparkle

    Bloody machetty from statue?

    As you may or may not be aware mobs spawned from statues can have different drop tables than their normal counterparts, So Trixie asks: Can you obtain the bloody machete from a statue spawner?
  9. Party Girl Sparkle

    Come one! Come all!

    Come and witness the amazing intro of the Great and Powerful Trixie! Trixie owns the PC version of Terraria as well as Pixle Piracy and she is amazing at both games. The Great and Powerful Trixie is pleased to honor this forum with her presence.
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