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  1. VictorLes

    1.3 Playthrough Expert Mode (not that im expert)

    Hey Guys here ill be sharing my playing of terraria 1.3! i died alot of times off screen, with antlion swarmers :/
  2. VictorLes

    PC Ranger Playthrough

    Hey welcome to my second Playthrough (Freddy Killed the first R.I.P with the OC Together) The New OC is a Ranger named Victoria (unoriginal with names e.e) in first part she got lucky
  3. VictorLes

    Freddy Q&A

    post yours question to me ikr ill know this thread will get no view but maybe yes and maybe not so ask anything
  4. VictorLes

    Adventure Quest World

    Hi i made this thread for show people the game i has played since start, it is a MMORPG made in flashplayer,and yeah i know this might be boring because attacking and clicking stuff. if you started played or already played you can post the character page of you character Link...
  5. VictorLes

    tAPI Terraria Plus WIP

    Hey Guys Welcome to my first mod =) alone this will add various items weapons and mobs and like 2-3 bosses CREDITS Thanks Molos Etheros For The Frost Tools Sprites Thanks Pumpking For being a cool dude and...
  6. VictorLes

    Melee/Throwable Only Playthrough

    Hello Who Will Do the playthrough will be Victor (more information my information on my profile)
  7. VictorLes

    PC Small Change To Possessed Hatchet

    Hello People Welcome to my second suggestion, we will talk about this guy its Post golem yes some of players may use them.. but it lacks effect at events but this guy that is post plantera is effective and most people will be in post golem doing events with the paladin hammer so my...
  8. VictorLes

    tAPI Underworld Guardian Mod

    Hello im working on a mod which adds Various items! and of course he allowed me to use the sprites and him suggestion DEV TEAM...
  9. VictorLes

    Corrupted/Hallowed/Crimson Giant Tree

    People hi my name is Victorles and welcome to my first idea (WIP) on its giant trees that generates the upper world, about which they can not be corrupted / crimson or sanctified because they usually block corruption or hallow, (which is good for hardmode), but in their hard all hardmode can be...
  10. VictorLes

    I Got Hardmode now what i do?

    Hello now i got hardmode what boss i should fight it and with what/why armor?
  11. VictorLes

    Someone Want Play?

    Well i not know how make a server so someone want play with me?
  12. VictorLes

    Drow Rules Terraria Challenge

    hello this is not a challenge from me, sorry if i post in wrong topic,if you want the original its here:http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2400232 ------------------------------------------------------ For people who enjoy playing this game but need to increase the...
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