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    Sky Wizard Tower

    Hello party people, back at it again with another craaaazyyy build. Sky wizard tower build w/ bubble magic Just the tower Biome Bubbles Closeups on the rooms Hope you liked it! Remember to smash that like button and don't forget to subscribe for more wild Terraria builds.
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    The S. S. Pengfish

    Howdy ye scallywags, its me first build back in a while. Hope ye enjoy. (Arrr, it took way too much time sailin' the seven seas to get me hands on that treasure map!)
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    Graveyard Boys

    Saturdays are for the boys. But for real tho: Graveyard build Hope you guys like it!
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    An Overlooked Hotel

    Spent all day building this. Started out as just a tundra tavern, and I think it grew into something...different At night Kind of on a hot streak this week lol. Might finish something tomorrow or Saturday.
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    Desert Sandcastle and Bazaar

    Hey guys, here is my first 1.4 build. I made an Oasis Bazaar early on in my playthrough, based on the Kara Kara Bazaar from Breath of the Wild. Right next to it is my "Sand Castle". Hope everyone liked these! More builds to come.
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    Some Builds from my final 1.3 playthrough

    *Most of these builds are unfinished because I started in 1.4 as soon as it came out* Here is my main base. I built the bunker first in prehardmode and then renovated it in hardmode. The Medieval village on top was a lot of fun to build. There is also a little ruined area off to the side...
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    NPC Teleporter hub

    Hey guys! After being inspired by ZeroGravitas' teleporter tutorial, I thought of making a maechanism that teleports certain NPCs to you, without their houses cluttering your base. The NPC houses can be as far away as you like, granted you have enough wires.
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