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  1. BadPiggy1024

    PC S.H.M.G. (Super Horse Machine Gun)

    Replaces the S.D.M.G.
  2. BadPiggy1024

    PC [Low quality?] Celestialshark as Megashark

    My first pixel art creation. It uses 1×1 pixels, so the sprite is really small in game.
  3. BadPiggy1024

    PC Got spawnkilled by my deflected projectile

    LOL That projectile basically travelled about half length of the map
  4. BadPiggy1024

    Working as Designed Broken Journey Mode Enemy Health Scaling

    Setting Enemy Difficulty to values between x1~x2 and x2~x3 results in strange health scaling. Screenshots taken at x1.95 difficulty, as you can see bosses have more health than in master mode.
  5. BadPiggy1024

    **REPORTED** Pylons duplicating when placed on gravity affected blocks

    Have this issue been posted yet? When pylons are placed on gravity affected blocks, they will float if blocks beneath them are destroyed. (which is a basic mechanic of the game) And in this situation, mining the left two blocks will give you 2 pylons, and mining the right-most block will give...
  6. BadPiggy1024

    PC Seriously Confused Pack

    Reverses the icon of "Confused" debuff inflicted to both enemies and players.
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