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  1. RoboticTea

    **REPORTED** "Blood eel" Body & Head detaching on spawn

    Was playing on a server with my mate and when we fished out a blood eel we kept getting an independent head and body that would act separately from each other.
  2. RoboticTea

    **REPORTED** Journey Mode : Spawn rate slider

    Changing the spawn rate slider to Any rate and then closing your inventory without closing the spawn rate slider or power menu automatically sets it to x10.
  3. RoboticTea

    tModLoader Custom Biome Problem

    Hello I'm having problems with a custom biome that I'm making I want to make the biome kind of like jungle or Mushroom problem is I don't know how to make a grass type of block like a seed that grows on mud or a custom block for now it looks like this (the light is intentional)
  4. RoboticTea

    tModLoader Dust Problem

    I'm trying to create a custom dust but for some reason it's not affected by gravity anyone knows why ? using System; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework; using Terraria; using Terraria.ModLoader; namespace Nope.Dusts { public class DustCustom : ModDust { public override void OnSpawn(Dust dust)...
  5. RoboticTea

    Need help for modding custom armor

    i'm making a custom armor and i would like to know how can you add damage and other stuff to the armor like Player.moveSpeed
  6. RoboticTea

    Can you HOIK a Projectile ?

    I know projectile can go through a wall like this in only one angle but can you change a projectile direction with hoiks i tried to but the projectile stops any idea's ?
  7. RoboticTea

    Dart Timer

    Can you make a timer out of darts and Teal Pressure Plates ?
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