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  1. Xemiel

    Terraria State of the Game - August 2020

    Holding out hope, with every State of the Game, that an expansion of Echo Blocks gets added. Echo Walls and Item Frames are 100% necessary. Please don't make us create a mod just to add something the game should totally have.
  2. Xemiel

    tModLoader Rise of Ages - Lore, Bosses and Druid class

    Maaaybe literally asking for drama on an open forum is not the best idea...?
  3. Xemiel

    tModLoader Rise of Ages - Lore, Bosses and Druid class

    Delays are infinitely better than :red:ty releases. Take all the time you need to make a mod you're happy with, polish up all the rough edges, and we'll enjoy it when we get it. I'd feel this way even if I wasn't happy with vanilla 1.4 for the meantime. A bad first release means bad word of...
  4. Xemiel

    Terraria State of the Game - July 2020

    Really hope Echo Walls and Platforms end up in 1.4.1!
  5. Xemiel

    specture armor vs lunatic cultist

    Makes the fight easier but completing your bestiary impossible unless you change armor :\
  6. Xemiel

    PC Several minor bugs or potential bugs.

    I can't speak for the worm problem but I was very disappointed to see pumpkins break on damage. I thought they were more sturdy in 1.3.
  7. Xemiel

    Working as Designed Rune Wizard goes invisible

    Since 1.4 I haven't actually seen the Rune Wizard at all, *just* the effects. Are you sure he's supposed to be invisible permanently?
  8. Xemiel

    Working as Designed Tavernkeep happiness modifier

    I'm not sure why you feel the need to be an :red: about it, but he already explained his position. In some games, rounding does work differently than it would normally, so your snide "math is math" is not just rude but factually incorrect.
  9. Xemiel

    Bookcases are being a little useless

    This would be amazing. I fear it's too late for a suggestion that might be ... complicated to code? But I'd love to see this in a mod or something.
  10. Xemiel

    witch bottle - built-in protection for your home against wraiths and more

    It would just be nice to have a place you can safely AFK on a multiplayer server.
  11. Xemiel

    make special seeds separate options

    Well, I'm a little sad about that, but I guess it can't be helped. I should have realized that already though... if Drunk Worlds have Jungles and Tundras on the same side of the world, it can't possibly look anything like the original. It's not just the blocks that are different, the very...
  12. Xemiel

    make special seeds separate options

    I'd love this. I would absolutely love to go back to a fresh, untouched world I've previously beaten, only to make it drunk. Or for the worthy. Or AAAAHHHHH COVERED IN BEES! It'd be really fun to see what changes, and what stays the same.
  13. Xemiel

    Journey Mode Quality of Life suggestions for 1.4.1

    Generally agreed. Especially on the light issue. I would turn on permanent screen-wide 25% light since I've been mapping out the entire world with a Clentaminator anyway. Just definitely want to make the level of light a slider so I can tell the difference between where I've actually been and...
  14. Xemiel

    Clentaminator changes type of torch

    If it's an accepted idea, can it please only affect basic and biome torches? I use Diamond Torches all over the world, only going with a biome torch if it's somewhere I need more luck for some reason. Diamond Torches give the best light, and most places, that's all I want. But letting the...
  15. Xemiel

    Re-think the new Happiness/Pylon mechanic with Celestial Pillars

    Seconding this suggestion. I absolutely do not open up a new world and think "hmm, where are my Pillars going to be at endgame?" I think about that sort of thing when I've beaten Golem and decide if I can be arsed to make an arena for them [and the answer is usually no]. On both of my Large...
  16. Xemiel

    [REQ] Echo Wall

    I mean a lot of the furniture pieces are probably going to end up being added in by some modder or another, but the Echo Wall [and maybe even Echo Platforms] feel like really egregious omissions. Just like how Asphalt is missing a Platform, which still bothers me. Virtually every Block has a...
  17. Xemiel

    [REQ] Echo Wall

    I want to bump this suggestion. There are numerous decorations that require a wall, that frankly *shouldn't* imo... but at least if we had an Echo Wall we could work around it. I was building a pirate ship with my friends today and we realized we couldn't add the ship's wheel *or* the anchor...
  18. Xemiel

    Terraria State of the Game - June 2020

    There is no thrower class in Ba Sing Se.
  19. Xemiel

    PC Blood Moon every other night in Master Mode?

    If it's really every other night for two in-game weeks, that's pushing "possible" to an incredulously unlikely point. 50% of nights isn't impossible for a few straight nights, but 14? If the OP isn't exaggerating and they're not *staggeringly* unlucky, then there is a bug causing the rate to...
  20. Xemiel

    PC Minor visual bug re Stardust Brick vs other Lunar Bricks

    I'm building myself a small faux biome for my Cavern Town, and noticed a visual bug when making myself a palette. I had been using gray painted Stardust Bricks and Stardust Fragment Blocks to cause the cavern to glow, and I wanted to see if I could vary up the texture a bit by comparing the...
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