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  1. JohannSimm

    Journey's End 1.4: Official Item Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    Technically, it would require four new recipes to support every combination. Otherwise, if you craft either your Lava Charm or your Water Walking Boots with an Obsidian Skull, you then lose the ability to craft them with your Obsidian Skull Rose. The addition of the singular recipe would only be...
  2. JohannSimm

    Lunatic Cultist Rework

    That's a great division, I think.
  3. JohannSimm

    Grammatical error in Ancient Vision bestiary entry

    The bestiary entry for the Ancient Vision reads thus: “A vision of a deadly omen wrought forth by a powerful cultist, often appears with reckless cosmic summoning of wyvern spirits.” One of the following would look better: – “A vision of a deadly omen brought forth by a powerful cultist. Often...
  4. JohannSimm

    Disproportionate healing from attacking Crawltipede with Vampire Knives or Spectre Hood

    Currently, damaging a Crawltipede’s tail gives out disproportionate healing from Vampire Knives or Spectre Hood. This is because your damage is multiplied by a vast amount against its tail, almost 10x. There’s not really any mechanical reason why this should be so. And because the damage is...
  5. JohannSimm

    Lunatic Cultist Rework

    Definitely at random. Otherwise the fight could become proscribed based on class. It’s better if you don’t know what to expect, so you have to be prepared to deal with any of the four forms. Of course, an issue is that it becomes difficult to formulate a consistent strategy against him if the...
  6. JohannSimm

    Lunatic Cultist Rework

    I like the idea of the boss being three phases, with the middle phase being randomly chosen from among the four pillar cultists. It would very much add variety to the fight. I think this concept would be excellent as a standalone mod. Hopefully someone out there can make that a reality. Other...
  7. JohannSimm

    Firecracker can apply explosion effect to different enemy than the one tagged

    When the Firecracker hits multiple enemies, it marks the last enemy struck for targeting by your minions, but applies its explosion effect to the first enemy struck. The explosion trigger ends up on a different enemy than the one your minions will be targeting, hindering the efficiency of the...
  8. JohannSimm

    Vampire Frog glitches and flickers when stuck on terrain

    The Vampire Frog minion will often try to return to the player, and get stuck on terrain obstructions if there is no clear path. This happens particularly while exploring the underground, although it also frequently gets stuck in indentations in cliffs. (It also gets stuck on closed doors.)...
  9. JohannSimm

    **REPORTED** Huntress's Jerkin ammo conservation bonus double what tooltip says

    The Huntress's Jerkin tooltip claims to grant a +10% chance not to consume ammo, but in reality the chance is +20%.
  10. JohannSimm

    Spiked Jungle Slimes become significantly weaker than Jungle Slimes upon entering Expert Hardmode

    I can see the point of that, but it still seems very strange to me that the damage would actually be reduced by a whole 6 points. There are actually many enemies the Wiki lists as actually losing damage upon entering Expert Hardmode; I can't help but wonder if it's the result of a code error...
  11. JohannSimm

    Spiked Jungle Slimes become significantly weaker than Jungle Slimes upon entering Expert Hardmode

    While regular Jungle Slimes gain huge stats multipliers in Expert Hardmode, Spiked Jungle Slimes gain a measly increase of 12 HP, and their contact damage is actually reduced by 6 points. (The damage from their projectiles doesn't change at all.) There is a similar disparity between Ice Slimes...
  12. JohannSimm

    Working as Designed Enemy projectile damage doesn't increase in Expert Hardmode

    Upon entering Expert Hardmode, enemy projectile damage doesn't scale along with regular enemy damage. It only ever benefits from the initial Expert Mode multiplier. Furthermore, enemy projectiles don't gain any further damage at all in Master Mode, only benefitting from the Expert Mode...
  13. JohannSimm

    Journey's End 1.4: Official Item Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    That should really be 1-5 kills. I can't believe it's not lower. Some of these entries need to be filled out at the rate you're realistically going to encounter these enemies. Otherwise, the information getting filled out will never be a natural occurrence. Instead of it just happening...
  14. JohannSimm

    Journey's End 1.4: Official Item Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    Rare enemies like Nymphs, Doctor Bones, Tim, etc. should only require one kill to unlock their Bestiary entry. Anything that can be detected by the lifeform analyzer should require either 1, 5, 10, or 15 kills to unlock its full information. (For example, biome mimics could require 5 kills, and...
  15. JohannSimm

    **REPORTED** Martian Probes aren’t immune to Poison

    Martian Probes aren’t immune to being Poisoned. In 1.4.1 several other Martian machines were made immune to Poison; it seems that the Probes were overlooked.
  16. JohannSimm

    Journey's End 1.4: Official Item Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    The melee version of Mythril armor is currently disproportionately better than the magic and ranged equivalents, due to its set bonus +10% melee critical strike chance. The other two classes should at least have comparable set bonuses. Adamantite’s ranged set is also now completely outclassed by...
  17. JohannSimm

    Confused enemies begin glitching out after player death

    After a player dies in the proximity of Confused enemies, and there are no more players in the vicinity, the Confused enemies will begin glitching out until the debuff wears off, their sprite rapidly flipping back and forth until it becomes a blur. This is probably caused by the debuff code...
  18. JohannSimm

    **REPORTED** Valhalla Knight breastplate/helmet tooltips incorrect

    In-game, the Valhalla Knight’s +10% bonus to melee damage has been added to the wrong tooltip. It should be part of the helmet’s tooltip, not the breastplate’s tooltip.
  19. JohannSimm

    Absorb The Non-Issue

    I get brained in the head with the phone, which, in conjunction with the paradox of Agent Standstorm Σ's death being retroactively prevented (thereby unravelling the very continuum of this thread), causes my head to explode. The sonic boom from the explosion shatters every window within a...
  20. JohannSimm

    Thanks for the follow!

    Thanks for the follow!
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