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  1. Exitium

    tModLoader Untold Legends, a Skill Trees Mod!

    What is it? Welcome to Untold Legends, a Work-In-Progress mod that adds in Skill Trees! So far there is only the Ranged one, but more will come in the future! Any feedback, criticism or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Discord Link Join here if you want to chat, get spoilers and...
  2. Exitium

    The H Pack

    The H Pack Do not question the ways of H
  3. Exitium

    The Cat Pack

    The Cat Pack This pack will transform you into a cat, simple as that, you will gain a tail and your head will be replaced by a cat head, don't worry, all your accessories and clothes will still function as normal, this pack only changes the default player textures. If you don't want any...
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