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  1. JohannSimm

    Grammatical error in Ancient Vision bestiary entry

    The bestiary entry for the Ancient Vision reads thus: “A vision of a deadly omen wrought forth by a powerful cultist, often appears with reckless cosmic summoning of wyvern spirits.” One of the following would look better: – “A vision of a deadly omen brought forth by a powerful cultist. Often...
  2. JohannSimm

    Disproportionate healing from attacking Crawltipede with Vampire Knives or Spectre Hood

    Currently, damaging a Crawltipede’s tail gives out disproportionate healing from Vampire Knives or Spectre Hood. This is because your damage is multiplied by a vast amount against its tail, almost 10x. There’s not really any mechanical reason why this should be so. And because the damage is...
  3. JohannSimm

    Firecracker can apply explosion effect to different enemy than the one tagged

    When the Firecracker hits multiple enemies, it marks the last enemy struck for targeting by your minions, but applies its explosion effect to the first enemy struck. The explosion trigger ends up on a different enemy than the one your minions will be targeting, hindering the efficiency of the...
  4. JohannSimm

    Vampire Frog glitches and flickers when stuck on terrain

    The Vampire Frog minion will often try to return to the player, and get stuck on terrain obstructions if there is no clear path. This happens particularly while exploring the underground, although it also frequently gets stuck in indentations in cliffs. (It also gets stuck on closed doors.)...
  5. JohannSimm

    **REPORTED** Huntress's Jerkin ammo conservation bonus double what tooltip says

    The Huntress's Jerkin tooltip claims to grant a +10% chance not to consume ammo, but in reality the chance is +20%.
  6. JohannSimm

    Spiked Jungle Slimes become significantly weaker than Jungle Slimes upon entering Expert Hardmode

    While regular Jungle Slimes gain huge stats multipliers in Expert Hardmode, Spiked Jungle Slimes gain a measly increase of 12 HP, and their contact damage is actually reduced by 6 points. (The damage from their projectiles doesn't change at all.) There is a similar disparity between Ice Slimes...
  7. JohannSimm

    Working as Designed Enemy projectile damage doesn't increase in Expert Hardmode

    Upon entering Expert Hardmode, enemy projectile damage doesn't scale along with regular enemy damage. It only ever benefits from the initial Expert Mode multiplier. Furthermore, enemy projectiles don't gain any further damage at all in Master Mode, only benefitting from the Expert Mode...
  8. JohannSimm

    **REPORTED** Martian Probes aren’t immune to Poison

    Martian Probes aren’t immune to being Poisoned. In 1.4.1 several other Martian machines were made immune to Poison; it seems that the Probes were overlooked.
  9. JohannSimm

    Confused enemies begin glitching out after player death

    After a player dies in the proximity of Confused enemies, and there are no more players in the vicinity, the Confused enemies will begin glitching out until the debuff wears off, their sprite rapidly flipping back and forth until it becomes a blur. This is probably caused by the debuff code...
  10. JohannSimm

    **REPORTED** Valhalla Knight breastplate/helmet tooltips incorrect

    In-game, the Valhalla Knight’s +10% bonus to melee damage has been added to the wrong tooltip. It should be part of the helmet’s tooltip, not the breastplate’s tooltip.
  11. JohannSimm

    Star Cannon is incapable of critical hits

    The Star Cannon can never deal critical hits, even with bonuses. I'm not sure if this is intended or not.
  12. JohannSimm

    Winged Slime Mount uses basic summon sound instead of Slime Mount summon sound

    While the Slime Mount has a unique ‘wet’ summon sound, for some reason the Winged Slime Mount does not also use this sound, instead using the basic summon sound used by most mounts.
  13. JohannSimm

    **REPORTED** Sand lands on platforms, but other falling blocks don’t (including Ebonsand, Crimsand, and Pearlsand)

    Regular sand is the only falling block that lands on platforms when falling. Other blocks affected by gravity, including Ebonsand, Crimsand, and Pearlsand, do not. I don’t know whether this discrepancy is the intended functionality or not, but I thought I’d report it just in case.
  14. JohannSimm

    Arkhalis’ Lightwings and Ghostar’s Infinity Eight make flapping sounds

    Two developer wings without flapping animations, Arkhalis’ Lightwings and Ghostar’s Infinity Eight, still make flapping sounds when used. They should be completely silent, like Beetle Wings, Hoverboard, Yoraiz0r’s Spell, and Lazure’s Barrier Platform.
  15. JohannSimm

    **REPORTED** Titanium and Adamantite Bars now sell for more than ores post-1.4.1

    1.4.0 saw bar and ore prices adjusted so that bars would sell for the same amount as the amount of ore required to craft them – no more and and no less. However, 1.4.1 saw the crafting requirement for Titanium Bars and Adamantite Bars reduced from 5 to 4. But the bar prices weren’t adjusted to...
  16. JohannSimm

    Resolved Crimsand emits no particles when walked on or landed on

    Unlike other types of sand (Sand, Ebonsand, and Pearlsand), Crimsand emits no particles when walked on or landed on.
  17. JohannSimm

    **REPORTED** Grammatical error in Brain of Cthulhu bestiary entry

    The Brain of Cthulhu's bestiary entry reads "A piece of Cthulhu torn asunder, this vile mastermind pulses with agony and aids the Crimson to an attempt to avenge its master." The "to an attempt" needs to either be changed to "in an attempt" or simply shortened to "to" in order for this entry to...
  18. JohannSimm

    **REPORTED** Old One's Skeletons don't have immunity to Poison

    Unlike all other skeletal enemies, Old One's Skeletons don't have immunity to Poison.
  19. JohannSimm

    Working as Designed Inconsistencies with which enemies Slime Staff drops from

    There are significant inconsistencies in which enemies the Slime Staff drops from – while many slime enemies drop the Slime Staff, several do not, seemingly without any logical reason. Lava Slimes, Dungeon Slimes, Umbrella Slimes, Gastropods, and Rainbow Slimes are five slime enemies that...
  20. JohannSimm

    Working as Designed Lava Slimes and Dungeon Slimes don't drop any amount of Gel

    Unlike most other slime enemies, Lava Slimes and Dungeon Slimes don't drop any amount of Gel.
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