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  1. FFNXCries

    tModLoader Cheat Sheet

    Ok so , is there a 1.2 version of recipe browser that could work whit the avalon mod , i know it was created in 1.3 , but isn't there a similar recipe browser mod for 1.2?
  2. FFNXCries

    tModLoader How To Make a good Modpack For Begginers.

    Why the lite version , quality of life mods can add items too , and weapons out isn't a medium sized mod , content mods work really good , apart from calamity
  3. FFNXCries

    tModLoader How To Make a good Modpack For Begginers.

    Now firstly you need to decide what mods to add , this can be the hardest and most time consuming part . Big Mods For Big Modpacks! : -Thorium -Mod Of Redemtion -Sacred Tools -Enigma Mod -Elements Awoken -Ancients Awakened You might of noticed that i'm not including Calamity...
  4. FFNXCries

    tModLoader How do you make a projectile apply a debuff onto a hit enemy?

    Same i can't do it either , it just says Player target / NPC Target could not be found
  5. FFNXCries

    tModLoader Cheat Sheet

    Is there any way i can get like really old versions of cheat sheet? , like tmod 0.9 or terraria 1.3.3?
  6. FFNXCries

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    I made a bunny vanity set wow... i know i guess it can be optained by killing corrupt bunnies Also creepy sprite xD
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