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  1. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    tModLoader Item Frame Weapon Rack Fixer

    Ok i've tried to make a new (small) world and place item frame and put 1 or 2 vanilla item on them and around 10 modded item (pretty much 1 per mod) and after some leave to main menu/log in , it seem ok. I didnt try it on my map yet , but as i've see for now , it work. Also as others , i...
  2. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    Terraria State of the Game - September 2020

    Nice ! Also feel free to release a "beta" branch on steam if you need help for bugs report , i'm pretty sure many of us (including me) will be happy to help the staff ^^
  3. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    Harpies not Spawning on Specific World

    Infact (IMO) it mean they don't spawn in the green area (so vertical) like here : Also no worry , maybe the wiki had wrong info at the moment you copy pasted them ^^ Btw if i said that in my first post , it was for correct something , not to be rude ^^ , infact i've find this topic because i...
  4. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    Harpies not Spawning on Specific World

    Sorry for necro but Lavendarjosh mess up a very important information , wiki say : " Prior to Hardmode, they cannot spawn in the vertical section of the map centered around the player's spawn point " Idk why he wrote "horizontal".
  5. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    PC Evil HUD

    Yeah but i mean for example map border half red/half purple and thing like that , in the worst case i can do it myself (and show it to you if you want add it) , but you see my edit on my previous post ?
  6. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    tAPI [WIP][Released] Metroid Mod

    Hi , just for say all picture links seem dead :x
  7. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    PC Pre-Bite Zoologist

    Can't see it in my texture pack list (i have some others TP working so it's not an issue from me i think) Edit : Ok found the issue , you winrar contain a folder with the name of your mod , then inside we have the mod itself (so content+icon+json) , you need to remove the folder named as your...
  8. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    PC Evil HUD

    Very nice mod , but i play almost only on Drunken seed map (crimson+corrupt)... can you try mix both version into one ? you know an hybrid. For now i'll download it anyways , but i would prefer a mixed version tbh. Edit : can't see it in my texture pack list (i have some others TP working so...
  9. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    Angler As Hylotl

    i didn't try it yet but i like love Starbound as much as Terraria , it's a very good idea. I'll try that edit : can't see it in my texture pack list (i have some others TP working so it's not an issue from me i think) Edit 2 : Ok found the issue , you winrar contain a folder with the name of...
  10. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    PC Rupees

    Can someone revive this mod please ? :( I go through 14 page of mod for find it... (sry for my english)
  11. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    Clockwork Mechs

    Damn...now i want a Steampunk edition of the game lol
  12. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    The librarian

    Lol i still hear his quote in my head.. "What can i do for you ?" "heheh thank you..." Nice job.
  13. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    PC Bestiary : Copy and Paste (Just like World Seeds)

    Hi , i agree with you since i usually make 2 world for 1 character. Indeed i often take my time (on 1.4 for example i've exactly 199hours of gameplay atm and i've kill 2mechs/3 ) and it can become a true mess with biome-spread because i don't rush bosses (the last biome-spread-related-boss is...
  14. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    PC Map turned black again (for the second time)

    Hello. The first time the map was turned undiscovered it was after turn on the cloud on my char + my map indeed , so maybe it was a "normal" behavior. But the second time it was for no reason. For now it's ok. Ok so maybe it can happen again ? i think it's still a good idea to keep the...
  15. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    **REPORTED** The shovel is broken.

    Yeah but even in this state it's still usefull for terraforming ^^ As i know it work on dirt , sand , mud , silt and things like that.
  16. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    **REPORTED** The shovel is broken.

    Hi So at the begining of 1.4 , the shovel was able to break 3x3 block as intended. Now the block in the center respawn after breaking the 8 other block , so we need to break it after.
  17. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    PC Can something be done about Worldgen ALWAYS spawning Corruption/Crimson in middle of Snow/Jungle biomes?

    Same issue , now i wait tmod 1.4 and the Solution mod for be able to respawn jungle by hand.
  18. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    PC Map turned black again (for the second time)

    Hello, Like the title said , my map turned black again , the first time i take on myself and didn't say anything but today i start my game and it's black again , i don't know what cause this bug but it's very frustrating :/ Any ideas why it happen ? Of cours i play vanilla , and i didn't...
  19. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    tModLoader Luiafk - Unlimited/Combinable Potions, Autobuilding stuff and more

    Ok ^^ , now i must see if i prefer have unlimited buff or new update content haha
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