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  1. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    **REPORTED** The shovel is broken.

    Hi So at the begining of 1.4 , the shovel was able to break 3x3 block as intended. Now the block in the center respawn after breaking the 8 other block , so we need to break it after.
  2. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    PC Map turned black again (for the second time)

    Hello, Like the title said , my map turned black again , the first time i take on myself and didn't say anything but today i start my game and it's black again , i don't know what cause this bug but it's very frustrating :/ Any ideas why it happen ? Of cours i play vanilla , and i didn't...
  3. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    [Mod Suggestion for Modders] Buff in a bottle.

    Hello , i post this suggestion because i've get an interesting mod idea but sadly my skill are limited to sprites (and i'm not the best) , but i'm pretty sure one of you (yeah modders i speak to you ^^) would make it if you have some free time. Of cours i can make a sprite for every item. SO ...
  4. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    Tool [Mod request] Be able to show the monster spawnable area around player.

    Hello , first , sorry for my english ^^ Like the title said (it's not easy to explain) , it was for a mod for be able to show the area where mob can spawn around the player (for example for make an efficien mob farm) , of cours the mod should also (but not mandatory since we can with mod like...
  5. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    PC Post Moon Lord Mage build ?

    Hello Terrarians, like the title said i've some questions about a end-game mage loadout , about weapons and armor i think i'm ok , but on the side of accesory i've some doubt so i ask to the community (and by the way sorry for my english), i'm also a little summoner but my set is mostly focused...
  6. [✚] Dr.Shadox

    Sprites My boss idea

    Hello , firt i must say i'm not english so sorry if i spell some things wrong. Like the tile say , its about boss idea , i've already post that on a terraria forum (under the name of Xodahs) but i'm not sure if it was the good place so i've find back my picture and i'll post them here. So the...
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