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  1. Archrandys

    PC {1.4 Only!} Story Mode Resource Pack

    A Minecraft Storymode Texture pack! Man, do I remember those days! they were the best until 1.4! (And since it was taken out of stores... :( ) The Remains of the Wither Storm!(W.I.P.)This Is Jesse
  2. Archrandys

    tModLoader Sonic The Hedgehog Mod (W.I.P)

    I am making a sonic mod I need coders I need spriters Pls Help MEH!
  3. Archrandys

    tModLoader Fields of Mystery

    Lore "Long ago... There was a Paladin known as Andrew... He was the sworn protector of Terraria... One day, an Omniscient being came and defeated Andrew with FORBIDDEN MAGIC and, as collateral damage, destroyed the core star causing a rift of unthinkable size and magnitude, pulling the...
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