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  1. Halocaster

    I am making a comprehensive Terraria and Minecraft comparison, and I need your help

    I just finished making my 2800+ words long comparison (if you don't believe me there's an attachment in this thread that you can check) of Terraria and Minecraft (why not?) and I need your help to polish it before release (i will post it here and in the Forums | Planet Minecraft Community) I am...
  2. Halocaster

    Resolved My profile picture is a GIF but it doesn't move

    Hey guys. I made this GIF on a pixel art making application and it works perfectly (well, almost) (yes, the dirt has a different texture, I used an in-game capture of the dirt blocks using the Calamity Texture Pack.) I edited my profile picture and I uploaded this GIF so I can use it, but it...
  3. Halocaster

    PC My game won't go beyond 30 FPS but sometimes it does (help :<)

    Heya guys. I need help!! The update is very very near and I am so excited. I just need help. My game runs at 30 FPS but it won't go beyond 30 FPS. I see it go up to 56 FPS sometimes, but it goes back to 30 again. Settings: Lighting - Retro (changing it to Color/White drastically changes the...
  4. Halocaster

    Halocaster's Custom Controller Button Styles (PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch)

    Halocaster's Custom Controller Button Styles for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch! Greetings, my fellow Terrarians! I am Halocaster, an experienced Terrarian. I made a texture pack to replace Terraria's normal and old controller button hints. This texture pack is kind of a remake of...
  5. Halocaster

    Ask A Legendary Bunny Everything!

    Ask A Legendary Bunny Everything! I am a legendary bunny. I can answer all questions. I can predict the future. I see the unknown. I predict yourself . There is a chance that . Thee is only one simple rule to follow. You must not ask any personal questions because I won't likely answer it...
  6. Halocaster

    Things You Might Want To Do Before The Journey's End Update Releases

    Things You Might Want To Do Before The Journey's End Releases Greetings, my fellow Terrarians! I am Halocaster. I will show you things that you might want (or need) to do before Journey's End, the game's final major update releases! I hope that you find this forum post useful and helpful...
  7. Halocaster

    Halocaster's Terraria Walkthrough (W.I.P.)

    Halocaster's Terraria Walkthrough Greetings, fellow gamers. I am Halocaster, an experienced gamer and I have played Terraria since 2016. This is a full remake of my original walkthrough which is based on playing in an Expert mode world. If you want to check it out, then here is the link...
  8. Halocaster

    Dynamic Main Menu Background

    Dynamic Main Menu Background Hello, gamers! I am Halocaster, and this is my personal suggestion that I have been thinking recently. The main menu is a little bit boring in my opinion. The options are cool though, the settings are great, the new UI is amazing in the next update (Journey's End)...
  9. Halocaster

    tModLoader Suggest "anything" here, and if you're lucky, it will be added to a mod!

    Feel free to suggest anything here in this thread. And I mean EVERYTHING! If you are lucky, your suggestion will be added to my mod called Halorealm! I'm looking for suggestions for early-game to late pre-hardmode Terraria.
  10. Halocaster

    Halocaster's Expert Mode Walkthrough: Part One - Early Game

    Hello! I am the Halocaster, and this is the part one of my upcoming Terraria Expert Mode walkthrough! Yeah, playing Terraria on expert mode seems hard and takes a lot (yeah I mean a LOT) of patience, but the rewards that this mode offers you is really awesome. I recommend playing this mode after...
  11. Halocaster

    tModLoader Is there a way to change a vanilla item's tooltip?

    I've been figuring out how to change the Gold and Platinum pickaxes' tooltips, but I can't figure how. I tried implementing a "GlobalItem" class but I do not know how to change the tooltips. Can somebody help me? '-'
  12. Halocaster

    tModLoader Halocaster's Halorealm

    Welcome to the official forum thread of Halocaster's Halorealm. Halorealm offers a wide variety of new items to get and strong monsters to kill. This mod aims to expand the gameplay of Terraria to make it more fun and enjoyable. This mod primarily focuses on adding new features, items, enemies...
  13. Halocaster

    Summoner class needs more content

    I really loved the summoner class, but I think it needs more content. Summoner class is great and unique, so give them love. Some people do not like the summoner class. Others only use summoning weapons to kill things faster. There are currently 19 summoner weapons on PC and Console...
  14. Halocaster

    Copper Shortsword, Pearlwood Sword or Wooden Hammer?

    COPPER SHORTSWORD - The Copper Shortsword is the weakest of the shortswords and the weakest weapon in the game. - The copper shortsword's damage is 5 (7 on 3DS version). - The uselessness of the Copper Shortsword, even at the beginning of the game which it is supposedly suited for, has earned...
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