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    Biome Chests

    Both the Vampire Knives and Scourge of the Corruptor are world-exclusive, that is unless you're in Drunk World, you'll only ever get one. Why not just add both biome chests in? We already have access to the Crimson without jumping worlds, and as such the Crimson Key.
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    Otherworld Music Names

    Note: This may not LOOK like it belongs here, but I don't know where to put it since it fits multiple categories. If you create a world with seed 05162020, you permanently unlock "Otherworldly Music" for ALL your worlds. You can also use music boxes to record this music. When the album with the...
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    Working as Designed PVP Bomb issue

    I like to use bombs to go mining (Yay for Scarab Bombs), but when I play multiplayer with PVP off, my friends aren't damaged by bombs I throw, even though I am.
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    Multiple Eyes of Cthulhu

    I was going up my rope into space to do something or other in my large Journey Mode world, and then I saw two Eyes of Cthulhu near each other in the background.
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    Lihzahrd Power Cell Item Size

    Apparently, Copper Coin and Lihzahrd Power Cell share similar sizes. This makes automatically farming the Power Cells and clearing Copper Coins hard. The Lihzahrd Power Cell should have a larger sprite size so that it isn't destroyed. Can the devs please take pity on all the farms that produce...
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    Bestiary Item Drop Change

    I think the Bestiary should automatically display an enemy's drops as soon as you receive the drop. For Example (this happened to me once): You kill one of your first Spiked Ice Slimes. It drops Ice Cream. Right now, it doesn't tell you that the Spiked Ice Slime drops Ice Cream. It should tell...
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    Guide spawn issues

    I created one of the easter egg worlds introduced in 1.4 (05162020) and the Guide never spawned, even though I had a house for him. I was trying to beat the easter egg world, but how do I do it without the Guide spawning?
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    **REPORTED** Finch Staff Kite Glitch

    I got a kite from a slime and started flying it around in my Journey mode world, then my single finch started trying to face both left and right at once. I think this is because the finch is trying to face in the direction the player faces and in the direction the player is moving at the same time.
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