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  1. BlueZeroZeroOne

    PC Blue 'Finally' Plays Terraria

    For years since I left Terraria's dev team, people have been asking me to do let's plays of Terraria. I've put it off for a long time because when working on the game, playing it was all I ever did and I needed a break. But I've finally decided to do it. So here it is...
  2. BlueZeroZeroOne

    PC Changes to Underground Cabins.

    There are a few things I would like to see when it comes to the abandoned/ruined wooden homes you find underground. None are really game changing, but just some thoughts I had. Allow ruined wooden homes to appear on the surface, with wooden (or no) chests in them. Perhaps a certain distance...
  3. BlueZeroZeroOne

    PC Allow Item Links sent from all sources

    It's just a small suggestion really. Currently you can only send an item link in the chat window from an item in your hotbar or inventory by clicking it with ALT-Click when you have the chat window open. So to send an item link from an item in a chest, a shop, or on any of your equip slots you...
  4. BlueZeroZeroOne

    PC Expanding on Capture the Gem

    These are my thoughts on expanding the Capture the Gem aspect of Terraria. New Item The CTG Rule Book - A new place-able item only available in multiplayer. When right clicked by an op, an options window appears showing the worlds current Capture the Gem options. In the server.cfg would be a...
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