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  1. Traitor Triangle

    Mac Trying to host terraria server through steam.

    So, whenever i start up terraria and click on host & play, it works as it should, but when it's setting up the server, it just gets stuck on "Requesting world information". I know it's been very early since the update, but i really hope there is a fix on this! Screenshot is included.
  2. Traitor Triangle

    My EoC Airplane

    The airplane I made using a sheet, because I'm not really that creative but I did put the design on it. As you can see, I have drawn him in his rage phase because I was at school at the time and didn't know how the normal one looks. Enjoy!
  3. Traitor Triangle

    Post the best luck you've ever had here.

    Opening christmas presents with my friend and we both get the rarest drop (dog whistle i think) and get the other rares aswell.
  4. Traitor Triangle

    Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.

    Now, this is just for laughs. This can be a little story or just a plain screenshot. My story: So, i was having fun, starting on a new world. 5 minutes later i have a little house and some good starting gear. I thought: ''Let's go mining!". Bad idea. 3 minutes in, and guess what. I panicked...
  5. Traitor Triangle

    Hi there! Traitor Triangle here!

    Hello fellow Terrarians, My name is Traitor Triangle and i've been playing terraria for I think about 1 year. I'm totally new to the new forums and want to just have fun conversations and know about new little things here and there. I'm from the Netherlands and I am 14 years old. Feel free to...
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