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  1. SlinkyCoil

    tModLoader Paradox Mod

    EARLY BETA (v The Paradox Mod is a content-based mod that intends to add more entities, ways to play, invasions and events The development team is rather small however, the Development team is looking for the following: - Spriters - Coders - Musicians [/SPOILER] (The current...
  2. SlinkyCoil

    tModLoader King Hill Mod [WIP] [Unreleased]

    GODDESSES PATH MOD (Development has been stopped, It was one hell of a ride) HEY YOU! I am working on a mod that is way better than this piece of poop, It's called Paradox Mod. CHECK IT OUT! (sorry if i don't give enough info) Goddesses Path mod was a Terraria mod that was supposed to add...
  3. SlinkyCoil

    Hello, I am new

    I joined today as I have been working on a mod for Terraria, and want to get more people to help out
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