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    Mobile The "I must screenshot this" moments thread, mobile edition

    Crazy dungeon naturally made when world was created. World Info in case someone is interested: Name: The Eager Bedrock Seed: 1211288992 Settings: Journey, Medium, Corrupt
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    (Mobile/Android) Question about dungeons

    If I understand it right, if I replace dungeon walls they become player placed walls & that impacts spawns. Is it the same for blocks/bricks if I were to swap them in the world created dungeon (but leave the background walls alone)? Thanks in advance for any replies. :) (I asked here because I'm...
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    Make godmode unlockable in Journey mode after defeating Moon Lord

    I like how things are set up now. I have Journey mode for my creative side. With that if I want to build without having to stop every minute or so to deal with spawns, I can. For regular Terraria gameplay, I have the non-Journey options. Because Terraria has been a game of role play and/or...
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    Resolved [Mobile] World seed question & planter box question

    Thanks for the response. I'll make some adjustments with regards to the plants. I know I can add the background walls once they've grown. :) Nice to know about world seeds because multiple times I've made a world & thought it would be great for another purpose. I was really happy when mobile got...
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    Resolved [Mobile] World seed question & planter box question

    World Seed: Can I use the same world seed but give the world a different name while both are in my Worlds folder without messing up the game? Planter Boxes: Are there any specific things to know to get seeds put in planter boxes to fully grow? Example: On my map I put 3 planter boxes but the 3rd...
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    Golf A 10 Hole Golf Map

    Nice! I haven't tried it yet but it looks like a nice map for golfing.
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    what do you think ? (plz be honest)

    I like how you used the disc wall. I don't use it but I think I might try it now. Thanks for the inspiration. : )
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    Merry Christmas Terrarians

    Thank you for sharing this. It put a really big smile on my face!
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    Mobile Journey All Items Map

    Sorry. I forgot to mention it was a medium corrupt world. I've noticed some mobile players have problems with large worlds. As far as making it a normal world, I'm not sure how I could do that. I wouldn't have the research on a regular character, right? Thank you for the reply! :)
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    Mobile Journey All Items Map

    Happy Holidays Everyone! This is still a WIP but it's done enough it might be useful to someone. It's different from the other very well done all items maps. I grouped things together using wiki. I also made themed rooms. This way I could easily make a character for specific things like a melee...
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    Taking the Journey on the Road: Terraria Journey's End Launches on Mobile Today!

    Amazon has released the update! *Happy dance* Have fun everyone. :)
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    Taking the Journey on the Road: Terraria Journey's End Launches on Mobile Today!

    Thanks for the reply. If that's what is going on it would be really quick for Amazon to release the update. Personally, Amazon being later to release an update has at times meant getting an update where some critical bugs were fixed first. IMHO, for me it meant a more enjoyable time playing...
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    Taking the Journey on the Road: Terraria Journey's End Launches on Mobile Today!

    Has anyone else run into this on the Amazon App store? The Description & Release Notes say the 1.4 update is there but the Details & Permissions tab show today's update is the update released some time ago? I am confused whether it's available or not for my device.
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    Taking the Journey on the Road: Terraria Journey's End Launches on Mobile Today!

    I have mixed emotions! On one hand a big happy dance this update is here! On the other nostalgically sad it is Journey's End. A big, enormous, huge THANK YOU to everyone involved in making a game that I've had the most enjoyable time playing & gotten the biggest bang for my buck! (Now heading...
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    FORE-RRARIA! Hitting the Links with Terraria Golf

    I've never liked golf, but this looks like fun! My question is: in multiplayer can you only hit your own ball or the other players balls too? If you can hit other players balls, I can see the fun Pedguin, Ravs & Duncan would have with this. I'd really enjoy that video!
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    With Great Power Comes Great Accessibility - Introducing Terraria's New Journey Mode

    This looks awesome! I'm already envisioning trashing a new world for "reseach puposes". Mwahahaha! To all who have worked so hard over the years on this game, you really rock! I'm still working my way through the last update that brought the ability on mobile to save worlds. (I had worlds on 3...
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    Mobile Terrarians Assemble! Mobile 1.3 Launches Today!

    While patiently waiting for the Amazon Android version to be released, I was wondering if the block swapping feature mentioned a while back made it into the update? Thanks!
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    Mobile Terrarians Assemble! Mobile 1.3 Launches Today!

    Thank you! I'm in my 60's so my legs don't go as fast as they used to. Lol
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    Mobile Terrarians Assemble! Mobile 1.3 Launches Today!

    Thank you for all the hard work put into the mobile update! I'm waiting for Amazon to add the update. One question: How can I find out what, if any, version of Opengl my device (Lenovo TB-X304F) has? I couldn't find anything in settings nor did googling help other than explaining what it was.
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    Mobile Game crashes loading some worlds

    Ram 1gb, Bluetooth Yes, CPU Speed 1.3 GHz (4 Core) I have 3 worlds--2 made previous to the last update (Amazon 12801), 1 made after. All worlds worked fine (about a week) until today. I was working on moving my collected things from an older world to the new. After exiting the new to return to...
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