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    PC Since a technical issue couldn't be fixed, is there a mod that reveals all areas touched by players?

    UPDATE: I NOW JUST NEED SOMETHING THAT REVEALS TO ALL PLAYERS ANYTHING THAT TORCHES LIGHT UP Due to my character's personal map data being irrecoverable, (see prior post history/why I created this account), I've officially said "screw it, let's see if the modding community has a fix for this"...
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    I am still missing mini-map data after being an idiot with "upload to cloud" button, rest of the world is fine

    This is a copy and paste of a previous thread I made about this issue last month after I tried the method recommended. I finally got to try the singular tip I got to try and fix it which didn't work, because I am currently without wifi and have to use my phone's personal hotspot which has a...
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    PC Missing mini-map data after being an idiot with "upload to cloud" button, rest of the world is fine

    First of all I have to say, I was a total idiot with what I did and in my super tired state I basically treated the "upload/remove from cloud" button like a light switch that I didn't fully understand and in the process I lost all mini-map data for my character in my main world, so I deserve all...
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