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  1. kingklutz

    Mobile Pumpkin moon AFK farm?

    tried to make an AFK pumpkin moon farm out of happy days PC Tutorial and resized everything (instead of 84 block wide its 56 for mobile and instead of 47 high it’s 31 high). However mourning wood keeps spawning right where I am and killing me. I can go through waves quick enough, first wave...
  2. kingklutz

    Resolved [Mobile] Celestial Shell?

    According to the gamepedia you can create the celestial shell on the mobile version but the option doesn’t come up. I have both the celestial stone and the moon shell. Both unequipped and even restarted my game.
  3. kingklutz

    Mobile A review of the SteelSeries Nimbus (iPhone)

    I will edit this occasionally and make it pretty. Any questions about the product please ask and I will add to this post. Name: Nimbus Price: £35-40 (around $50) The controller feels very well made, it has weight to it, about the same an Xbox One controller. It feels great in my hand, the...
  4. kingklutz

    Resolved [MOBILE] Mobile controller for iOS?

    Oh look another thread about controller support. Well I’ve seen threads about these but those were a while ago. Just wandering what controllers for mobile are supported. Don’t want to waste £50 on a controller that doesn’t work. I’m sick of the controls on mobile as I die a lot due to miss...
  5. kingklutz

    Resolved [MOBILE] Best boss farm for mobile?

    Seen plenty of PC boss farms but wanted to see if there was a decent one for mobile. Keep dying on hardmode bosses. Perks of being terrible at being a mage. Also cba to google one
  6. kingklutz

    Today I messed up...

    Well it was yesterday, now I got molten armour and ready for WoF (Wall Of Flesh for the new people) And well... I messed up. So yeah, I got destroyed hard... Thought this would be an easy boss... Boy I was wrong Oh and reason for new character is because my iPad died and I had to start again
  7. kingklutz

    Player glow

    You know how we got the wisp and its same old colour... What if we could have a bright player glow. Rainbow Glow - glows like a rainbow around the player. Made from: 1x Wisp 10x rainbow (insert reasonable rainbow item) Bright white glow - a dazzling white aura Made from: 1x Wisp 10x uber...
  8. kingklutz

    PS Vita Should I get terraria for the PS Vita?

    I got the mobile version and I think it's fine. Problem is I've broken my iPad and the screen is WAAAAAAY too small to play it on. I was thinking with the screen being a little bigger and the controls my taking up the room of the screen, the question is... Should I buy as opposed to other...
  9. kingklutz

    Bad glitch- losing items

    High: if you lose end game items Basically whenever I drag an item to the backpack icon or chest icon the item disappears altogether. Only lost 999 spiders web and something else unimportant thank god. In order for me to shift stuff from my inventory and vice versa I have to carefully drag the...
  10. kingklutz

    For mobile

    May I suggest ( because PC has right click super speed buying) for mobile that, we have a 100x button when buying item, it's so we don't have to hold down and slog through all those numbers when buying bullets or wires, while we are here why don't we add a 10x and a 50x just to make things...
  11. kingklutz

    Gas mask

    Terrarian gas-mask Thanks to @Vikri and here is his thread, be sure to check it out http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/vikri-s-awesomazing-sprite-thread.5722/ Anyways Gasmask NEW RECIPE (with thanks to craftenightmare here!) 4 lenses 10 iron/lead bars 20 silk [/U] The idea is...
  12. kingklutz

    Guns make enemies aware?

    I was playing terraria not so long ago and was wondering if it would be a good idea if the gunshots from a gun warned enemies near by, but will only be in effect after shooting your gun and lasts upto 3 seconds, with which a few enemies will have the chance to be alerted (5%) however this will...
  13. kingklutz

    Just something I made

    I wrote this a while ago and was contemplating whether or not I should post it here. Then thought ah what the heck. I've split it into short parts (basically a paragraph per spoiler) enjoy and don't forget to criticise :) This is my first story so yeah. I was thinking of having a...
  14. kingklutz

    WIP King's anime

    Right, so this is a first for me I have no clue what she is doing with her hands so yeah lol. I dunno if I will take requests or not. Still gotta do a garchomp for my pokemon thread :/ [/SPOILER] ^NEW: Helena (Milts character) [/SPOILER] Like if you like the work :)
  15. kingklutz

    There a song about me 8/

    I just typed my online name into Google and this came up King Klutz, okay Oh, he comes to town today Oh he's comin' King Klutz, okay Oh, he comes to town today He's comin' Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Uhhh Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Waaahhhh Oh, he's comin' King Klutz Oh he's gonna molest...
  16. kingklutz

    The nightmare

    Bad name yes, this is 2 am and another one of my thoughtless suggestions Anyways The nightmare (can anyone think of another name?) is an enemy that attacks you only when you look away, kinda like angle statues from doctor who or boo from mario bros. now you must be thinking "well that's...
  17. kingklutz

    Xbox 360 steering wheels

    What's the best Xbox 360 steering wheels for £45 or under £50 at a stretch? I've done some research online but they always seem to be new prices so you get junk really. I would like a link or an explanation why. Much appreciated :)
  18. kingklutz

    My pokemon drawings :)

    Here's pikachu Requests are CLOSED!!! (Up to 3 easy requests or 2 hard requests. Only one request per person please, thanks) Scroll down for more pokemon pics enjoy Just to make it easy [/SPOILER] <---- /New pokemon Dragonite
  19. kingklutz

    Meh art

    This is what I've drawn on my iPad
  20. kingklutz

    Shadow terrarian

    I'm not sure I have thought this through so here goes This Is basically a parody of the water temple mini boss shadow link. Basically you summon him/her by 25 ectoplasm and I'm not sure what else ( insert your opinion ). Anyways, the boss is the same as you, moves exactly like you, has the same...
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