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  1. ShadowTiger

    Love the avatar! [img]

    Love the avatar!
  2. ShadowTiger

    Humorous Easy Hacker Guide!

    I've always used Hacker Typer to do my faux hacking. I was totally able to SSL into my SSD and SMTP my Firewall to my USB SATA i5 SSD with 16 Teraflops of Gigahertz in my left sock. A+ for the screenshots though! 👍
  3. ShadowTiger

    Now that is a beautiful thing. Enjoy!

    Now that is a beautiful thing. Enjoy!
  4. ShadowTiger

    Reduced Mining Mod

    Sounds like a discipline issue to me, not a bug. :P People can play the way they want to. If this mod increases that potential, fantastic! If people ruin their experience for themselves by using tools or features provided to them that they willingly downloaded and used, that's on them.
  5. ShadowTiger

    Reduced Mining Mod

    Ooooh, this is an incredible mod! Thank you so much for it! Pick speed and the ability to remove terrain quickly is one of my biggest goals in the early game. This is simply brilliant. You have done a great boon to the community with this! <3
  6. ShadowTiger

    tModLoader How to make Running Boots?

    I'm so curious what would happen if either of those two were negative values.
  7. ShadowTiger


    The fun thing is, you can make an adventure style map that definitely takes the form of a real Metroidvania game. But if it's not a pre-made adventure map, it's more of a sandbox. Interesting.
  8. ShadowTiger

    (Poll) What part of a Terraria play through is most fun for you?

    I actually like the very beginning. Every tiny little action feels like an achievement relative to what you've already accomplished: Almost nothing. Chopping down ten trees feels like you now have a decent amount of wood and can build a little house. Finding a random surface chest means you...
  9. ShadowTiger

    Standalone Super Terraria World - MMORPG Style Mod - Server and Client Mod

    I'd go so far as to assume that the moment a solution is discovered and implemented, they'll post here with the good news. I don't see any posts pertaining to that since October 6th when the issue was announced to be known. Alas. I want to play it too. Well, all good things in good time.
  10. ShadowTiger

    The peaceful message is always appreciated. Things could be a lot worse. Best of luck to...

    The peaceful message is always appreciated. Things could be a lot worse. Best of luck to everyone with everything, really.
  11. ShadowTiger

    Why purify the world when you can just blow it up?

    Aaaaah that was really well done. Brilliant! 👏
  12. ShadowTiger

    Which 1.4 addition is the best in your opinion?

    The void bank makes my eye sockets happy. Seriously, not having to worry about nearly as many inventory issues is a dream come true for me. I don't have to feel concerned that I'd have to leave an item on the ground after a while of underground delving. That's amazing. Next is the fact...
  13. ShadowTiger

    i need help my game was working a day ago i a please help me

    I just googled it and found this page that seems confident in the issue. Just be sure to make a restore point. (Press "Start" then type "Restore" to find the "Create Restore Point" area.)
  14. ShadowTiger

    I chuckled. :P

    I chuckled. :P
  15. ShadowTiger

    Mobile No reason/requirement for “This is not a valid housing”

    At least on PC, (I don't have a mobile device.) In a 3x10 room, which is the smallest size a room can be when three blocks wide, at least one of the floor blocks needs to be a solid block and not a platform. I usually put it in the middle of the two platforms, and you can walk beneath that...
  16. ShadowTiger

    tModLoader Luiafk - Unlimited/Combinable Potions, Autobuilding stuff and more

    The LuiAFK mod probably just doesn't have any compatibility for ammunition of other mods. That's my guess.
  17. ShadowTiger

    tModLoader Luiafk - Unlimited/Combinable Potions, Autobuilding stuff and more

    It's always either 3,996 or 999 for any stack of anything. Make sure that you have a workbench and crystal ball near each other, just in case it's one or the other. A lot of infinity related items use the crystal ball. Though do show the item to the guide just in case the recipe isn't quite...
  18. ShadowTiger

    1 Rope

    This. This is how I get the arthritis. Definitely a fascinating challenge, I'll say.
  19. ShadowTiger

    Humorous Funny gaming stories and screenshots

    That kind of happened with my dad when he was playing Skyrim. He's loaded down with 25,000 pounds of weight, as always, (I mean who doesn't do that?) and he's wandering around in the middle of nowhere on some road between two towns. There's NO ONE around. It's just a huuuuge empty plain with...
  20. ShadowTiger

    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    I think I'm in love. That is just so spectacularly beautiful! Thank you for sharing! <3 I mean to be honest I think I can imagine that as a Hallow Town night theme rather than a regular dangerous Hallow night theme, but it's not my mod to do with as I please.
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