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  1. It's a me!

    WIP Multiplication Mirror: Lunatic Cultist Expert Item

    Hello fellow expert moders! As you might have noticed, the Lunatic Cultist is the only boss whose Treasure Bag does not have an exclusive item. After some though, I came up with an item inspired by his attacks, that wouldn't be too class-specific. That item is the Multiplication Mirror. It is...
  2. It's a me!

    PC Weather Vanes

    A very simple suggestion from @It's a me! So, you know what weather vanes are, right? Those things on top of buildings. You can see the wind direction using them. Click it to open in a new tab, dark backgrounds are not good. You can place these on top of blocks, and the direction changes...
  3. It's a me!

    PC Suspicious Looking Eye looks glitched when dyed with certain animated dyes.

    Some of the animated dyes look kind weird, almost like static, when used with the Suspicious Looking Eye. I tested it with some of my dyes and it looks like that with Nebula, Vortex and Acid (not pictured). Nebula: Vortex: Very weird indeed.
  4. It's a me!

    **REPORTED** Super Healing Potions selling for less than Greater Healing Potions?

    So Super Healing Potions sell for 3 silver and Greater Healing Potions for 10 silver. Is this intended? The fragments also sell for more (20 silver).
  5. It's a me!

    PC Cubes and Super Buttons: some puzzle content.

    Hello everyone! As you know, 1.3 will be released in a few hours. The Portal Gun was announced. Some of you might have heard that only players, due to limitations, can use portals (for now). Well, we can understand, but if there were just a small amount of items that we could move around them to...
  6. It's a me!

    Pixel Art It's a me!'s Pixel Stuff

    Yeah, I decided I should open a pixel art thread. Do not expect me to update it often. Also, as you can see, I'm NOT taking requests, but I can just pop in one of your threads and lend a hand if needed. Anyway, let's get started. TERRARIA STUFF: Weapons and Tools: Melee Ranged Magic...
  7. It's a me!

    WIP The Dessert (Desert Alternative, JFF)

    Hello everyone, It's a me here. Today I want to present you an idea that came to me randomly, and that is the Dessert. The Dessert is a Desert alternative. Keep in mind that, for this to happen, @zimberzimber 's thread about better deserts (which can be found here) needs to implemented first...
  8. It's a me!

    A new function for the Travelling Merchant: Trading

    Hello everyone, It's a me! here. I feel like the Travelling Merchant needs a new function. He just appears 1 day and sells some random stuff, and then RNG messes up with the shop and we get useless stuff... So I suggest trading. Trading is something that is fairly useful. You see, to get all...
  9. It's a me!

    [Anouncement] The Weekly Spriting Challenge will be back this Sunday!

    Greetings Terrarians! I'm glad to announce the return of the Weekly Spriting Challenge! After the great success this contest had on Terraria Online, we feel like this is a must here too. We're changing a bit the rules to make them even more clear. @Zoomo (the great spriter) and I are currently...
  10. It's a me!

    WIP Environment Enhancements

    Hello everyone! I'm here to present some stuff that I think that will make the game a bit more lively. First, Meteor Showers. These would be nights in which the song changes a bit (think about rain in Animal Crossing), the number of falling stars that spawn would increase and you would be...
  11. It's a me!

    Cultist Vanity Set

    You've probably seen this, haven't you? This thread is meant to convince the Devs to add the cultist set as a vanity set.
  12. It's a me!

    WIP It's a me!'s sugestions.

    I decided to make a small thread with my other threads. This will also be useful for non thread-worthy sugestions. Popular Threads: More Minecarts: all the minecarts you always wanted. Normal Threads: Mount Slots: something for convenience. Bicycle: early game mount. Trap Receivers: easy...
  13. It's a me!

    [Wiring/Block] Trap Receivers

    Hello everyone, It's a me! here again. Today I present you something I've been thinking about recently: trap receivers. These are simple blocks that work like levers, switches or pressure plates, but are activated by dart traps (and super dart traps too). Here's a sprite: How are they placed...
  14. It's a me!

    [Slot] Mount Slots

    CONFIRMED! Everyone pack your stuff, we'll be riding the hype train together! Hello everyone! Today I bring my small sugestion, the Mount Slots. What are they? They are simply some new inventory slots for mounts. They will allow the use of dyes and vanity in our mounts. How will we use these...
  15. It's a me!

    [Mount] More Minecarts

    CONFIRMED! Everyone pack your stuff, we'll be riding the hype train together! 1.2.4 brought many possibilities with the introduction of minecarts. We can now travel faster, create rollercoasters, have fun launching people into lava... With just 1 simple limitation: we only have 1 kind of...
  16. It's a me!

    [Mount] Bicycle

    Hello members of TCF! I'm here to post my suggestion for a possible early game mount: a bicycle. Basically, it improves your speed while you are touching the ground. It is not able to go up blocks (new suggestion: bunny hops to go up them, at the cost of some speed), but it can go up slopes...
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