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  1. Sodapone

    Sodapone's AMA

    Leave it to Milt to tell me about yet another thing I had no idea existed on this forum. Anyway, you're looking at this thread for the same reason as you would any other thread. Ask me stuff; I can't think of any guidelines so anything goes.
  2. Sodapone

    PC Sodapone's Builds

    Well, I've made several builds now; I think it's time I make a thread to host these all. Bases What, you don't make your main bases artistic? Well, to be fair, neither did I, until 1.2.4 hit. So here's my two most recent bases! Pixel Art Most of my pixel art builds are basically actual...
  3. Sodapone

    Story CLST-0X : The Story of Nova

    I had been toying around with some ideas, and after coming up with a character concept, I realized that it would be best to make this character in a story. This will be my first story to receive regular updates. I hope you'll enjoy it! CLST-0X
  4. Sodapone

    PC Sodapone's 1.3 Shop

    Because I was grinding so incessantly trying to get the Terrarian, I have a MASSIVE surplus of 1.3 items that I'd like to just sell off. Most of them are from the Lunar Events, but I'm also offering a few things from Martian Madness and the Solar Eclipse. DISCLAIMER: I have used inventory...
  5. Sodapone

    Mirror Armor: Projectile-Reflecting Magic Armor

    I just randomly thought of this idea, and then realized that it could actually make for something really interesting. This could be seen as a sort of Magic Tank class. So firstly, let's go over the armor itself. Mirror Mask Defense: 20 Other effects: Increases maximum mana by 40 2% of damage...
  6. Sodapone

    Armor Acid: From Fanservice to a Fearsome Debuff

    So yeah, I was thinking about that one old cliche about enemies attacking with acid that mysteriously only dissolves armor, and how it's naturally for fanservice. But then I had an idea on how to make it a serious threat in games like Terraria. So, I present to you... Armor Acid "Defense from...
  7. Sodapone

    PC WTB: Terrarian

    Alright, I've literally done the Lunar Event over 25 times trying to get the Terrarian. Want proof? I got a Cultist Archer Banner. I am sick of trying to grind Moon Lord only to get Celebrations and Last Prisms. So! I'm buying the Terrarian. Name your price; here's what I can offer out of Lunar...
  8. Sodapone


    I always found the concept of railguns to be fascinating and I think it'd be a cool sci-fi weapon to add to Terraria. Here's my idea: Credit to @DerpoTheMagnificent for the sprite Railgun "Shoots a powerful, high velocity bullet Shots pierce infinitely Magnetic guns, how do they work?"...
  9. Sodapone

    Short Story Home Lost

    This is just a little story I wrote based off a little continuity idea I had. It's really unpolished, so I apologize. Celeste sits at her table, fingers interlocked in front of her. Electrolyte walks over to her and puts a hand on her shoulder. "Is something wrong, mistress?" The android...
  10. Sodapone

    Smash Ballot Discussion

    sorry about the really large poll box, there's a lot of options... So, I'm pretty sure this has already resounded off of the cavern walls of the internet plenty of times, but Masahiro Sakurai has effectively opened the floodgates and opened up a ballot in which you can vote for any character you...
  11. Sodapone

    Morals from Video Games

    Let's try to keep this serious, alright? Alright. That aside, what morals have video games taught you? I find that even a satirical game that never takes itself seriously can teach you something. Just list off one or two sentences about what you learned from a video game. Here's my list. It's...
  12. Sodapone

    Dimensional Mirror

    I thought of this as a pretty neat idea, and an interesting way to complement the Rod of Discord. Dimensional Mirror "Grants momentary invulnerability" Tool Left-clicking instantly gives the player mercy invulnerability (and can therefore be extended with the Cross Necklace and the like, or...
  13. Sodapone

    More Rockets

    Yeah, having four types of rockets is nice, but I think we can have more variety than blast radii and tile destruction. I mean, if bullets can do it, why can't rockets? Empty Rocket Material Used to craft other rocket types. Obtaining Sold by Cyborg (10 copper) Incendiary Rocket Ammo Damage...
  14. Sodapone

    From TO: Phoenix Down

    Another revived TO suggestion of mine, with some aspects refined and the Lunar-tier upgrade removed. Let's get right into it. Changed Mechanics When a player dies, the gravestone they drop will glow blue, indicating that Phoenix Down can be used. Once the player respawns, the glow will fade...
  15. Sodapone

    Grindstone & Tiki Statue

    So we now have Crystal Balls and Ammo Boxes...so how about we complete the circle? Grindstone Furniture item Right-clicking grants the user with Sharp Blade for 10 minutes. Obtaining Sold by Traveling Merchant (at random, 15 gold) Sharp Blade +15% melee damage, +5% melee critical chance, +5%...
  16. Sodapone

    From TO: More Lihzahrd Traps

    These two were suggestions I made back in the TO days, so I'm bringing them back. (reuses Staff of Earth's boulder sprite) Lihzahrd Boulder/Super Boulder "Da-da-da-DAAA! Da-da-da..." Damage: 260-250 (ignores Defense) Identical in function to Boulder. Generates naturally in the Temple, in rooms...
  17. Sodapone

    Sodapone's Suggestion List

    Because I've already made quite a few by now, I'm gonna organize them all in a neat little thread. Changes Improving Teleporter Mechanics - Teleporters run on a wireless connection based off of frequencies, instead of being wired directly. Weapons Charge Beam - A new Golem weapon. Hold fire to...
  18. Sodapone

    Terraria on Wii U and 3DS

    Well, apparently Amazon has listed Terraria for Wii U and 3DS, as well as GameFly. 505 hasn't said anything though, obvs; otherwise it'd be on the front page. http://nintendonews.com/2015/01/terraria-wii-u-nintendo-3ds-amazon So yeah...thoughts? Personally, I'm pretty hyped. Both Wii U and 3DS...
  19. Sodapone

    Improving Teleporter Mechanics

    I find the current teleporter system to be extremely tedious: You have to create a length of wire going from the one to the other, which makes the seemingly-simple task of creating a teleporter system insanely hard to do. Here's my proposed change: Changes Teleporters no longer need to be...
  20. Sodapone

    Abandoned City

    This is a pretty big idea I had, but it should be interesting...I'm probably not the first to come up with this kind of idea though. Abandoned City Biome Randomly generates in the cavern layer and is about as rare as a Desert Pyramid. The generated area is wide and open but peppered with...
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