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  1. Ethacon

    Mobile Server Hosting Issue (Friend Can't join)

    My server is up and running just fine, and I can connect to it both through local and online, however, my friend is not able to join. I port forwarded and have the server application open and started. We have the same versions of the game (, but it seems like I might've messed up the...
  2. Ethacon

    PC Master Mode: Lead Poisoning Debuff

    When wearing lead armour, you have a chance to get lead poisoning when damaged (you get a cut, the lead gets in). Lead swords, tools, arrows, bullets, etc. Have a chance to give lead poisoning.
  3. Ethacon

    PC Game Freezes for a few seconds when I click accept on the "enter port" screen.

    I tried to join a server but on the "enter port" screen, I would click the "Accept" button and then the game would freeze for a few seconds then nothing would happen after unfreezing, it would just be on the "enter port" screen still.
  4. Ethacon

    It has been awhile!

    I haven't visited here in a long time, it has been even longer since I have said something. Anyways just wanted to drop in and say hello! It has almost be my second year here.
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