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  1. ThunderBear06

    PC House effects and weapon dyes

    Greetings everyone I'm going to get to the piont, my suggestions are: House effects. (I don't know what to call it) this feature would change house macanics to make it so when you're outside of your house you can't see into it, (it's walled off) but when you go inside the outside gets really...
  2. ThunderBear06

    WIP Collector block

    Sorry it's going to be simple I hope people can pass some ideas for it Thank you (excuse me of my grammar it's getting late). Hello everyone @Purple Cat King here, my suggestion is: Collector blocks (Name WIP), ever made a trap/farm where you wanted to collect the items the mobs drop but...
  3. ThunderBear06

    Casual What's the best thing you have ever made in a game

    Here you can post what is the best thing you ever made in a video game.
  4. ThunderBear06

    Casual Griefer talk

    This thread is for discussing griefer subjects like story's of greifing, how they like to grief, tips and/or tricks to greifing, what games they like to greif on, ect. All forum rules and guidelines apply here as well. Please keep it clean
  5. ThunderBear06

    (Needs prefix) remove derplings

    Derplings are annoying and just get in the way I don't think I'm not the only member who would like them gone
  6. ThunderBear06

    TCF Suggestion Add the upload botton to profile post

    I think this could be useful when you want to add a picture or video ect. To a profile post and you don't want to have to go through igmur or something like that or have to format it yourself - Because I stink at formating
  7. ThunderBear06

    Ask the Cat

    When asking please avoid asking questions like 1. No personal details like my name or location. 2. If you feel it's too personal, it's best you don't ask it. 3. If a question you ask is too personal, I'll let you know Other than that ask away
  8. ThunderBear06

    WIP Radiation biome

    It's a biome that will be placed at one of the 3rd's of the world, it's like the crimson/corruption where it has a underground version of its self, grass type: infected Stone type: toxic stone Tree type: deceased wood Enemies: the Infected (Zombie type) Rad cockroaches (as tall as player) The...
  9. ThunderBear06

    The brewing stand

    I'm reddy
  10. ThunderBear06

    TCF Suggestion Alert fix

    Ok so I've been here for a little and I noticed that when I get an alert for a thread and I don't check it out then it stops sending me alerts from that thread even though there's still stuff going on. For example, if I get a alert for the last post wins thread and I don't click on the alert it...
  11. ThunderBear06

    Story The legend - a fictional story by Purple Cat King

    Bob: Long long ago in a land far fa... joe: Stop! You don't start with "long long ago" that's how fairytales start and this is not a fairytale now from the beginning. Bob: A long time ago there was a land a land that was a island named terramayo... a big island with lots of treasures, monsters...
  12. ThunderBear06

    PC Big biulders

    Hello Terrarians this is something I thought about so here it is Every weekend I ask 4 or less contestants to biuld something and submit it by the next weekend. contestants must submit a picture of there biuld by pm'ing me and then I post them here and everyone votes (by posting your favorite)...
  13. ThunderBear06

    Make the BIGGEST box!

    So all you have to do is make your box the biggest and of course I'm starting
  14. ThunderBear06

    PS4 Human: fall flat

    I didn't see a thread for this game and I really wanted to talk about this game so I made this thread. I just can't get over how funny this game is.
  15. ThunderBear06

    WIP Minion rework

    Hello Terrarians, this is an idea I recently had, it seems that there need to be a rework, so I present to you [/SPOILER] [/spoiler]
  16. ThunderBear06

    PS4 Locked door

    My idea is the locked door. The locked door is a door that has been locked using a shadow key and can only be opened by using the same shadow key. Zombies can't open these doors even during a blood moon and can prevent stealing or Trolling or it could be used in a RPG world. If you have a...
  17. ThunderBear06

    PC Shampoo

    This is a simple item. The shampoo can be obtained two ways If the nurse dies she has a 100% chance to drop Has a chance to be dropped by a zombie The description: Very effective on giant eyeballs. This item is a magic item that shoots beams of shampoo that only deals 15 damege but it has a...
  18. ThunderBear06

    Resolved [Xbox 360] Wof. Send Help!

    I'm on oldGen and I can't seem to defeat wof send tips!
  19. ThunderBear06

    Other Art Houses

    In this thread I'll be tacking art requests for home screen backgrounds. I only do phones. This is a example of what to expect Post some pictures of what posters/Decor/Props/Npc you want in you "House" and I'll make it when I got time
  20. ThunderBear06

    Giude Appreciation Day

    The aim for this thread is so that we can say why we love the giude and Post a picture of the giude in his home we built and HOPEFULLY the guide will see it and then feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Giude even though I have killed you a 1000 times trying to kill the WoF your still useful
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