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  1. Tomb1302

    How and Where to Download Mods?

    I know there are probably a multitude of threads out there for this, but seeing as I'm not very tech savvy, I was wondering if anyone could explain using terminology I'd understand, or visuals. :) Thank you!
  2. Tomb1302

    In-Depth Expert Hardcore Guide *As it Happens*

    Hello everyone, So, I'm not sure what the demand is for this, but, seeing how much I love Expert Hardcore as a challenge, I feel like I want to share the experience with others, and hopefully offer my two cents after countless runs. I have not currently finished Expert Hardcore, and do...
  3. Tomb1302

    [Expert Hardcore] Eye of Cthulhu / Goblin Army [Reaching 200 HP]

    Ok, so, for those who aren't aware, I've found my new love in Terraria; Expert Hardcore. After about 50+ runs (not even joking), I've established myself in a solid world. I'm currently running full meteor gear + the Space Gun. What I'd really like is Goblin Tinkerer before the Eye of Cthulhu...
  4. Tomb1302

    1 Character, Expert Hardcore. Is it Feasible?

    After finally defeating the Moon Lord a few days ago on my normal playthrough, I decided I wanted a break from my main world, and sought a challenge elsewhere. That's when I was intrigued by the 'Expert Hardcore' challenge, which seems to be one that has tempted many others. Now, I've seen a...
  5. Tomb1302

    Am I ready for Duke Fishron?

    I've tried Duke Fishron a number of times with my mobile character, wearing Beetle Armor, Warding Accessories, and the Paladin Hammer. This time around, I'm a ranged character on PC. If I built a simple Wooden Platform Arena, Had full Shroomite Armor (bullet), the Vampire Knives, Daedalus, Uzi...
  6. Tomb1302

    Effect of Metal Detector not showing

    So, I'm mining for Chlorophyte currently, but, it came to my attention that the effect of the Metal Detector - "x Detected Nearby!" was not displaying. I have the Metal Detector as part of the Goblin Tech accessory in my inventory currently. Does it need to be toggled? If so, where and how...
  7. Tomb1302

    Plantera Disappeared?

    So, just about an hour ago, I finished my grueling arena right at the feet of a Plantera bulb (I used the teleportation method). I brought in the nurse on one side of my arena, and some Super Dart Traps shooting inwards to help me gain more damage. The fight was going more or less well, but...
  8. Tomb1302

    Structural Question

    Random question because I don't want to take any risks - If I actuate the stone blocks keeping the lava contained directly parallel from the two openings on the bridge, will the lava flow directly downwards, or am I setting myself up for a disaster? Thanks!
  9. Tomb1302

    How do Bows Handle Themselves?

    Just started hardmode in my first PC playthrough, and naturally find myself extremely weak. After obtaining the magic quiver, and a deadly Ice Bow from a Mimic, I wanted to know what the general consensus on bows was. Do I utilize this combo, or keep to my CAR + Ammo box? Thanks!
  10. Tomb1302

    Undead Viking Warlord [Boss idea]

    Posted this recently in another thread that discussed potential boss ideas, but walking through a barren snow biome, I thought I'd share it hear and see if I could get some opinions. I've modified a few things from my original post, but the idea is more or less the same! Undead Viking Warlord...
  11. Tomb1302

    PC Pre - Hardmode -> Am I forgetting anything?

    So, I decided to make the move. Last Friday, I finally bought Terraria on PC to have access to all the content available (Thanks @Unit One and @Aurora3500 :))! At this stage, I have defeated Eye of Cthulhu, King Slime, Queen Bee, Eater of Worlds [Corruption variant], and Skeletron, and am...
  12. Tomb1302

    Mobile What Items Should ALL Mobile Players Challenge Themselves to Obtain?

    Not sure if anything like this has been posted before, but as I'm approaching mobile's "end-game", I wanted to know what items fellow mobile players considered trophies of having explored, farmed, and progressed throughout the game. This way, we can create a list and challenge each other to...
  13. Tomb1302

    Mobile Cloud Save Issue

    Nothing major here, but I was caught a little off-guard by something that happened yesterday on my main world. I'm also entirely technically inept, so it may be something extremely obvious and stupid haha. Anyways, before I was about to enter my main world, I took the initiative of 'backing it...
  14. Tomb1302

    PS4 Upgrading from Mobile

    Hello everyone, I've been playing Terraria avidly for a while now on mobile, and I absolutely love the game. One thing I notice however while browsing the wiki is that quite a few things are console/desktop exclusive. Is there that much missing from mobile, or is it an illusion? Now, I have a...
  15. Tomb1302


    Hello everyone, I've been an on and off Terraria mobile player for a LONG time now, but remain as inexperienced as ever. The game has captivated and hooked me back in recently, and I've started playing an incredible amount over the last few weeks. I have a tendency to join the forums and...
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