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  1. four plus four

    Ask this 2 year old who's username is SkullRay stuff if you want.

    Ask me what you want, don't ask what you don't, doesn't really matter what be thy questions as long as thine questions follows thee rules. I also don't have to answer if I don't want to, because stuffs. I'd make a part here about some "simple questions I expect some people to ask", but I was...
  2. four plus four

    Anime Reference NPC Names!

    Title says it all. So I had an idea for a suggestion to this wonderful game called "Terraria"! I'm not sure if any of you have played it, it is rather known as a "2D Minecraft", so maybe you haven't played it because of that. But it is nothing like a 2D Minecraft! And what does that text say...
  3. four plus four

    Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mod Idea

    Hello, my name is SkullRay. You may know me from my Night and Crimson mod, or just stuff from Terraria.org in general. Anywho, I have an idea for a mod. Bloons Tower Defense 5. I've been playing this game a lot as of recent, and perhaps a mod in Terraria could be interesting. Bloons are simple...
  4. four plus four

    tModLoader Night and Crimson (Terra Stuff, basically)

    Oh, why hello there! You've just stumbled into, yeah no. That sounds more like the beginning to a movie. Hello, my name is SkullRay, and this is one of the greatest mods you shall ever see! Well, probably not. It's closer to... One of the best 6 mods you've seen. Still pretty amazing...
  5. four plus four

    tAPI SkullMayhem (HELP NEEDED)

    This is a Mod that I am working on, it is my first mod, I don't know code, and I'm 13 Years old, so the mod won't be the best, so help will be appreciated! Materials: Rainbow Gem : 1 Diamond, 1 Ruby, 1 Emerald, 1 Sapphire, 1 Topaz and 1 Amethyst Pre-Hardmode Weapons: Melee: Golden Fortune ...
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