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  1. felis

    About the Forbidden armor's sand storm damage type

    The damage type of the Forbidden armor's sand storm is a little strange, not sure whether it's intended, but it does not trigger the drain life effect of the Spectre Hood set, but it does trigger the Spectre Mask's splash damage(change quickly after summon the sand storm). PS: Other armor...
  2. felis

    **REPORTED** No visual effect of some XX in a Bottle

    I guess it's intended or an oversight, but still report. I just found it on Wiki (and then an in-game test) that the Cloud in a Bottle and Tsunami in a Bottle have some visual effect on player, however similar accessories, including Sandstorm/Blizzard in a Bottle and Fart in a Jar, don't show...
  3. felis

    **REPORTED** The Builder Potion does not stack with toolbelt.

    As the title says, the placement range increasing of Builder Potion seems not stack with the Toolbelt. But it does stack with the Extendo Grip and Tool Box. Also, the Toolbelt stack with Extendo Grip and Tool Box. Finally, maybe this is intended, the Extendo Grip does not stack with the...
  4. felis

    Strange minecart damage.

    As the title says, recently, I found that the collision damage from the Minecart (all of the three) is not affect by any damage type boost, but strangely, its critical chance WILL be increased by any melee critical boost. Edit: After some further test, I found its critical chance is equip to...
  5. felis

    **REPORTED** Nurse sometimes failed to remove all debuffs.

    As the title says, when player has more than one debuffs, the nurse will charge 7 silver 50 copper for each debuff, but sometimes will not remove them all(looks like she will only remove a half of the debuffs, but sometimes more than a half), you'll need more than one click of healing to get all...
  6. felis

    **REPORTED** Warmth Potion not work on certain cold themed item/enemy.

    Firstly, tested in single player, in the Frost Legion Event, the damage from both Mister Stabby and Snow Balla WILL be reduced as normal, but the damage(both melee and ranged) from Snowman Gangsta is not affected. Then, in multiplayer, the damage from ice themed weapons, like ice sickle and...
  7. felis

    **REPORTED** Several items that increaing all damage or critial chance do not actually doing so.

    Here is the list: (all of them are supposed to increase all damage and/or crit chance) The following equipment failed to increase summing damage: Gi Crimson armor(all) Pumpkin armor set. The following equipment failed to increase both thrown and summing damage: Mythril Breastplate Adamantite...
  8. felis

    **REPORTED** No effect of the Star in a Bottle?

    As, the title says, I tested the mana regeneration time with and without the Star in a Bottle, both moving and standing still, it seems that it does not actually increased the mana regeneration as it supposed to do. For example, with 280 max mana, it takes about 5.4 s to get full mana, with or...
  9. felis

    Some strange effect of the Lifeforce Potion

    I guess it's more like an intended feature or oversight, but still reported though. When your max HP is less than 400 and not a multiple of 100 (like 120), your health would not increase exactly 20% as it says. For example if you have 120 HP, it should be 144 when use a Lifeforce Potion...
  10. felis

    **REPORTED** Minecart hook bug when the smart cursor is on.

    Operating System: Windows 7 Single Player/Multiplayer: Single Steam or GOG: Steam Terraria Version: (Current) When the smart cursor is on and holding a wire tool, then the right click could make the minecart hook on the mid-air like this: To get this you can use a wrench like this...
  11. felis

    Drill Mount can make the dart trap a slope

    As the title says, when the position is right, the drill mount can make the dart trap a slope. And its dart will be blocked by it self. Here is a screenshot:
  12. felis

    A test about the projectiles in-game name.

    Some of us may know that the player killed in PvP will show the name of the projectile rather than the weapon, and the projectile may has a different name from the weapon. So, here is a test about the different projectiles' name shown in PvP. (note that the weapon not shown means that the death...
  13. felis

    WIP Random accessory ideas.

    Basically, some random accessory ideas. May add new when I thought of any. [/SPOILER] Sold for 10 Gold. [/SPOILER] Sold for 5 Gold. (I think maybe this is a little complex, but I feel it could be fun) [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] (this item is main for player who...
  14. felis

    TCF Suggestion The table BB code could be added in the help function.

    There is an example about the table BB code. We have a help function, in the bottom of a page. Then, there is a BB code list like this: However, the table BB code was not in the list, so, I suggest that the Table Code as well as an example could be added in the list.
  15. felis

    Player job (as a small staring bonus)

    There is some idea about the play through with a specific class/job, like melee only, summon only, etc. However, in some situations, player cannot find to specific weapons, especially for summoning players. Also, having some staring bonus would be fun. So, I think player could choose a staring...
  16. felis

    Resolved Grolem does not reflect certain projectile like supposed.

    As the tile says, the Grolems (or Granite Golems) are said to be able to reflect some projectiles in their "Guard" Position (see here, the 7th FAQ), However though my test (only tested Meowmere on expert, and Minishark with Musket Ball and Tendon Bow with Wooden Arrow on both expert and normal)...
  17. felis

    A change of metal detector object value. (and let some other treasure to be shown)

    Current object value can be seen here. However, personally, I think some treasure is overvalued, like the life crystal. Player would normally have already reached 400 HP at hardmode. Also, it does not detect the placed bar. In short: place chests to just below Life Fruit, as the chest is still...
  18. felis

    **REPORTED** Three possible issues (about the Shark Tooth Necklace, the Inferno Potion and Magic Quiver)

    First one, the Shark Tooth Necklace does not work on some indirect damage, see this report for details. The damage that does not trigger also does not affected by the Shark Tooth Necklace, while other indirect damage will be affected by it. Plus, the Shield of Cthulhu will not affected by the...
  19. felis

    **REPORTED** Banner seems not reduce the ranged attack damage.

    As the title says, not sure whether it's a bug or intended, but the banner does not reduce the ranged attack damage form at least some receptively enemies (only tested on Demon (both normal and expert) and Dark Caster (expert) though).
  20. felis

    **REPORTED** Floaty Sad Blocks

    Firstly, holding the sand blocks by a chest, then change the chest to a large mimic, then we can get floaty sand like this. It's quite unstable, even quit and re-enter would cause the sand fall. I guess it's more like how the game handle things rather than a bug, but still reported.
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