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  1. Lyra

    More NPC quotes

    I really like NPCs with a lot of quotes; it makes them feel more alive, especially if they have a lot of context-specific ones. Fairly simple suggestion: add more quotes to the NPCs. Have the merchant complain about the Tax Collector's rates. The nurse can remark on how she's never seen anybody...
  2. Lyra

    Sky Palace and Home Town

    Just figured I'd post my two main builds in my 1.3 world. Both of these are pre-hardmode. Also, I love the camera mode.
  3. Lyra

    Marbles (and Marble Bag)

    A rather simple early-game suggestion: Allow us to make throwable marbles out of marble! Marble 8 damage Functions like a spiky ball, but is lighter and bounces more when you throw it. 2 marbles per smooth marble block, at a workbench. And the Marble Bag: Marble Bag Throws 3-6 marbles out...
  4. Lyra

    Avaerita (Builds from my primary world!)

    [WARNING: Massive 1680x911 images!] Hello, and welcome to my build thread! I'm going to post a number of builds such as my towns and various little decorations here, and they'll come in as fast as I make them, or whenever I decide to show one I've already made. Avaerita is just what I'd call...
  5. Lyra

    DNA Manipulation Chamber [Skin, gender, and eye color changer]

    Note: This is an import of my thread from the Terraria Online forums. So an idea came to me: Currently, you can change everything about your character's appearances after you create them except for their skin, eye color, name, and gender. This is my solution. DNA Manipulation Chamber 4 blocks...
  6. Lyra

    Caster NPCs in Expert Mode should evade

    The title does a terrible job of explaining. Here: Caster NPCs are weak. Sure, they can teleport to caves where you can't reach them, and one thing I hate when tunneling is having somebody like or or god forbid, start firing at me from an inconveniently placed tunnel. It's a minor...
  7. Lyra

    Buildbot [Builder Accessory!]

    So, you guys know the Traveling Merchant. You know his infuriating RNG principles, right? Well, sometimes you get lucky, and can buy things like this: In order, these are the brick layer, the cement mixer, and the extendo grip. They're accessories that speed up tile and wall placement, and...
  8. Lyra

    Arrow Trajectory Tracker [Accessory]

    So recently, I found out I suck with a bow. I can't accurately judge how far an arrow's going to fall by the time it reaches it's target because the direction it shoots depends on the mouse and it's rather hard to line a shot up. Soooo... Precog Tracker Shows a dotted green line that...
  9. Lyra

    Hello, new forum!

    I think a few months is long enough a time to switch. I'll miss you, Terraria Online :c On the other hand, I love the new layout since it's nearly identical to the Starbound forums and thus more familiar to me. :D
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