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  1. Willmuske32000

    Mobile cant play on 1.2

    I'm using iOS iPad 2 with 6G a free space but it won't work for me only for one world
  2. Willmuske32000

    Mobile Death Star

    Thx for the feedback, also i accidently hit enter so this loaded, also my world has barely any room cause its full of stuff.
  3. Willmuske32000

    Mobile Death Star

    I stole it from a hacker when he dropped it to give it to someone else i ran in and took it.
  4. Willmuske32000

    Mobile Death Star

    Hello everyone,I have made a death star in my Terraria world today And I just wanted to share it with you.
  5. Willmuske32000

    Hardmode Nervousness

    I play a lot of Mobile too and I know everything you need Hope this helped!
  6. Willmuske32000

    Mobile Death Star In The Making?

    Thx so much, Ill add those lights as soon as I can...
  7. Willmuske32000

    Mobile Death Star In The Making?

    Hello everyone, I've been making the Death Star from Star Wars as a little touch of some of my favorite movies to remember. I haven't finished it yet and I was wondering what you guys think I should do with it, What I'm planning is to make a metal outside then kinda make some stuff out of wood...
  8. Willmuske32000

    What's your funniest mobile experience?

    My funniest moment in this game would be when I got a dungeon guardian stuck on a block using a glitch I now and I was just laughing while it spun and spun and couldn't get me...
  9. Willmuske32000

    PC Terraria Titanic

    then you should make a neptunes shell so you can breathe underwater for ever
  10. Willmuske32000

    Kablaouye's Creations

    Man thats AWESOME!!!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  11. Willmuske32000

    PC 1.3 Dryaid Features

    ok thx for telling me. just an idea =D
  12. Willmuske32000

    PC 1.3 Dryaid Features

    You know how the Dryaid is all about Nature, Well what if she had differen't styles depending on which biome or time she's in? here are some examples. Hope you like it?
  13. Willmuske32000

    Small House

    Mabye make a window in the attic or some more windows in the house, kinda feels a liitle to bit shut off from nature. Overall it's AWESOME
  14. Willmuske32000

    Mobile Revamped Dungeon

    Still you had to Hack the texture pack to mobile! Hacker!
  15. Willmuske32000

    Mobile Revamped Dungeon

    How do you get the texture pack? Hacker!
  16. Willmuske32000

    Mobile Revamped Dungeon

    You Hacker! You Can't Get Those Blocks On MOBILE!!!!!!! :red2:
  17. Willmuske32000

    Mobile Christmas Town!

    Hello Everyone! I made a Winter Town were the folks have gone into the Christmas spirit and decorated their small town. Here are some pictures of it day and night.
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